My Million Dollar Valentines Day Idea

Happy post V-Day, peeps! My weird humor is in overload today. I should be at a computer writing and spreading my “mirth throughout the planet”…but instead I’ll share a funny story with my besties.

I spent a few minutes Monday (Valentines Day) morning, driving aimlessly around my local Downtown business district. I was looking for anyone with V-Day deals/sales in their windows that I could post on our Facebook Fan Page.
Lo and behold, I got the *cough*cough* PEREFCT idea for one courtesy of a local health food store read-a-board sign. Here it goes:

“Nothing says Valentines Day like a Nitrate Free Weenie: It’s the Gift That Keeps On Giving…”

Like it? YES….Greeting Card companies will be offering me MILLIONS for that one 😉

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3 thoughts on “My Million Dollar Valentines Day Idea

  1. “hO dOG” Hmmmmm, sounds like a cool new tourist slogan. “My Mom came to Brainerd Minnesota, and all I got was this Lousy Ho Dog”…..

  2. HAHAHA – I shouldn’t have been drinking my coffee when reading this. I about spit it out while laughing. Yeah – that’s what I want my hubby to give ME for valentines day. lol

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