Eleven Useful Things You Can Get For FREE

These aren’t logo’d flyswatters or can coolies, they are actually pretty cool things you can use. And they are totally FREE.

Mama likes FREE

1. DYI Advice: the Internet is CRAWLING with free advice on how to do anything from peeling your wall paper, to potty training your puppy. Here’s a few sites:

 2. TV: Unless you buy cable, it free, baby.

3. Gym Memberships: Although not free forever, there are opportunities to test out gyms and their facilities by asking for a free trial week. Guest passes are a good thing too.

4. Kids Books: I sooooo wish I would have tapped into this sooner since reading to your kids is so important. The United Way & Dolly Pardon’s Imagination Library is a great way to get quality books for kids ages 0-5, completely FREE. Check out this link for more info. http://www.unitedwaynow.org/library.htm

5. FREE Product Samples: The web is full of sample/freebie sites. Although some are a little shady and make you fill out 14 surveys’ to get your free sample of dish soup, some are also pretty descent. Here’s a couple of my favorites:
 Lucky Freebies.
Tip Junkie

6. Makeup and Skin Samples: I am a total Avon fan and my “Avon Lady” Sandy is always a jackpot of skin care, makeup, and perfume samples. I know if there’s something I want to try, but am not sure I’ll like it Sandy is most likely to have a sample of it for me to try. Check out Sandy’s page HERE if there’s an Avon product you’d like to try.

7. FREE Potty Training Kit from Pull-Ups: Potty training your child will either be moderately easy, or a hair-pulling experience.

8. Newsletters: On.My.Goodness. There are SO many interesting, fact-filled, useful newsletters available “out there” for FREE these days. Some are dumb as hell, some are wonderful and worth the time it takes to read them. Here’s a few of my favs:
On Line Organizing Newsletter
The Girl Revolution
The Heart Of Innovation
Family Fun
Thrifty Fun

9. BLOGS! Endless, delightful, insightful, ..I could gush on forever. But I won’t. Here’s a few of my person favs:
Mom Squad Central
Itty Biz– Naomi swears like a sailor, but her business advice is priceless.
Theta Mom
Marketing Mama
It Ain’t Easy Bein Cheesy

10. WiFi access: It’s everywhere. Airports, restaurants, coffee shops. There’s probably even a brothel somewhere with WiFi.

11. FREE Coloring Pages or Activities for Kids:
Crayola: http://www.crayola.com/free-coloring-pages/
Tip Junkie Printables http://printable.tipjunkie.com/

How about YOU? Share some of your favorite freebie and deal spots!

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