Eleven Useful Things You Can Get For FREE

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These aren’t logo’d flyswatters or can coolies, they are actually pretty cool things you can use. And they are totally FREE.

Mama likes FREE

1. DYI Advice: the Internet is CRAWLING with free advice on how to do anything from peeling your wall paper, to potty training your puppy. Here’s a few sites:

 2. TV: Unless you buy cable, it free, baby.

3. Gym Memberships: Although not free forever, there are opportunities to test out gyms and their facilities by asking for a free trial week. Guest passes are a good thing too.

4. Kids Books: I sooooo wish I would have tapped into this sooner since reading to your kids is so important. The United Way & Dolly Pardon’s Imagination Library is a great way to get quality books for kids ages 0-5, completely FREE. Check out this link for more info. http://www.unitedwaynow.org/library.htm

5. FREE Product Samples: The web is full of sample/freebie sites. Although some are a little shady and make you fill out 14 surveys’ to get your free sample of dish soup, some are also pretty descent. Here’s a couple of my favorites:
 Lucky Freebies.
Tip Junkie

6. Makeup and Skin Samples: I am a total Avon fan and my “Avon Lady” Sandy is always a jackpot of skin care, makeup, and perfume samples. I know if there’s something I want to try, but am not sure I’ll like it Sandy is most likely to have a sample of it for me to try. Check out Sandy’s page HERE if there’s an Avon product you’d like to try.

7. FREE Potty Training Kit from Pull-Ups: Potty training your child will either be moderately easy, or a hair-pulling experience.

8. Newsletters: On.My.Goodness. There are SO many interesting, fact-filled, useful newsletters available “out there” for FREE these days. Some are dumb as hell, some are wonderful and worth the time it takes to read them. Here’s a few of my favs:
On Line Organizing Newsletter
The Girl Revolution
The Heart Of Innovation
Family Fun
Thrifty Fun

9. BLOGS! Endless, delightful, insightful, ..I could gush on forever. But I won’t. Here’s a few of my person favs:
Mom Squad Central
Itty Biz– Naomi swears like a sailor, but her business advice is priceless.
Theta Mom
Marketing Mama
It Ain’t Easy Bein Cheesy

10. WiFi access: It’s everywhere. Airports, restaurants, coffee shops. There’s probably even a brothel somewhere with WiFi.

11. FREE Coloring Pages or Activities for Kids:
Crayola: http://www.crayola.com/free-coloring-pages/
Tip Junkie Printables http://printable.tipjunkie.com/

How about YOU? Share some of your favorite freebie and deal spots!

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