8-Year Old Boys Seriously Need an Off Switch

I read a completely hilarious post today from Wreckspections:You Never Thought Motherhood Would be Like THIS.

Her post “Heaven Help Us, There’s No “Off” Switch started like this: Have you ever tried to talk to a seven year old? Or maybe I should rephrase that. Have you ever listened to a seven year old? It’s a bit like a cross between an insane asylum and an action film.

oohhhh mama, I can sooooo relate.

I have one of those. He’s 8. Not only can he go on for DAYS without taking a breath, he REPEATS. It goes little something like this (kind of a long the lines of “One time, at band camp..” theme).

Jake: “OK there was this kid today. At school. He farted. It was Gross. Have you every heard a fart Mom?-Hey Mom? ‘Member that time? You know. When I farted. Like, 4 years ago? It was in the tub? Remember? Remember? Remember?  It was a Saturday. You laughed. I was swimming with my spiderman, but his leg wouldn’t twist…”

THEN (5 minutes later). I hear “I can’t believe that kid farted Mom..” and I get the whole recap AGAIN.

He’s such a Flansburg. They are notorious repeaters.

There are days I pray to The Big Guy Up Above to Strike.Me.DEAF.

I love parenthood 😉

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2 thoughts on “8-Year Old Boys Seriously Need an Off Switch

  1. I have an almost 4 year old who talks nonstop. I would totally buy an off switch if they sold them.

  2. hi there funny lady! 🙂 i love it when of course their memory of whatever happened is absolutely correct. heh heh. have a fabulous day/weekend…i’m recovering from a sleepover from my daughter but i asked them to bring their pug. okay, we have a theme going on here, everyone in my house is bossy. haha!!!

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