I Cheated on My Hairdresser & WOW Do I Feel Like a HO

I’ve had the same hair stylist for years. She has seen me through Big Hair, Mall Bangs, perms, long hair-to-short hair, and an ungodly amount of lip waxing.

She is my hair Miracle Worker and helps me manage that weird little duck-butt-pouff that I sport on the left side of my head.

I have no complaints. She is wonderful. We have had a long a cozy relationship.

But once in awhile… My commitment weakens. My eye wanders.

I see other women with fab hair, and I wistfully long for cool streaks, textures, “spikey” cuts.

I see smoking-hot highlights, and I can’t help myself but to ask “who does your hair?”

The temptation is there, and I wonder what it would like to..ya know… experiment with someone NEW.

Is the grass greener in the other stylist chair?

So one day…I just DID IT.

I made up excuses in my head that it was “more convenient” and I was “at the wrong place at the right time.”

I took the plunge and let someone else cut my hair.

I “stepped out” on my stylist.

And you know, it wasn’t that great. It wasn’t magical, life-changing, or even worth the effort of getting hair on my collar.

And BOY, do I feel like a lying, cheating, deceptive HO now.

Do you think she’ll take me back?

My lip is getting pretty furry.

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8 thoughts on “I Cheated on My Hairdresser & WOW Do I Feel Like a HO

  1. Funny how guilty we can feel at doing this, eh?

  2. ahhhh! i’m sure just realizing she’s the cat’s meow (if you tell her) will be enough. i imagine they don’t take it personally. i have a fabulous person i’ve gotten mine cut off and on from since 2002. however, she’s a master stylist, so her prices keep going up 🙁 BUT of course when i’m unhappy, i think ‘should’ve gone to her and spent the $80 instead of thinking about how i wish i would have a better cut…’ 🙂 take care! 🙂

  3. LOL- You ho. I am sure she will take you back. Make up some story like you “won a haircut/color or someone gave you a gift certificate.” I will never tell:) I am following you back. Have a great weekend.

  4. I think you’re good. Just tell her the truth, that you love her best and give her an extra big tip.

  5. hahaha. That was hilarious. But I kind of know the feeling. I HAD to get my hair cut and colored this weekend, and my regular girl wasn’t there so I went to the only other one at the same place that I would trust. And shhhhh, don’t tell my regular, but I kind of like the other one better.

    Just go back groveling. Take her cookies or something. All will be forgiven.

  6. They will always take you back… that’s the best thing about a good stylist.

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