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Social Media Is Not A Line-It’s A WEB

I was cleaning my home office desk (a.k.a The Abyss) and I happened across a quote I had written down.

I am not sure how long ago I wrote this..but I am thinking it was a while ago.

I do know it came from Naomi at Itty Biz. If you’ve never read Naomi’s stuff..DO SO. She’s saucy, smart and swears like a freakin sailor (completely my kinda gal) and when it comes to Social Media knowledge…she’s GOLDEN.

“Life is not a line, it’s a WEB. Connect with people at a level beyond what normal people connect. Connections are the most important currency you have. With connections, you can do anything.”

Above in the title I substituted “Social Media” for “Life” because it’s just as true. I can tell you, thanks to Social Media,┬áthis small-town-hermit-like-Mommy (who has traveled out of Minnesota TWICE in her 45 years) now “talks” to people all over the world.

And it’s not just on a business level. Thanks to Social Media, I’ve reconnected with family members I didn’t even know I had, discovered new passions (ghost hunting!), and kept in contact with dear friends that have moved half a world away.

I’ve also discovered the power of my single voice in helping with campaigns that better our world. I’ve been able to comfort and lend support to people who I’ve never met on topics like infertility, miscarriage, and adoption. Cuz, I’ve been-there-done-that.

It sucks. But you will survive, and your dreams of having a “baby to love” WILL come true. I am living proof of that.

Social Media expands the boundaries of your world way past the comfort zone of our community.

SO…How has Social Media changed your life?

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3 thoughts on “Social Media Is Not A Line-It’s A WEB

  1. Being I’m a hermit mommy as well, social media has well made it so I don’t go insane talking to the walls that don’t talk back. Great post!

  2. I never thought it would happen, but I’ve grown to love Social Media. On Facebook, I have managed to stay in contact with a group of women whom I met on one of the old school message boards back in 2001 when we were all pregnant. Then there’s high school friends, family, and the various acquaintances that I’ve met over the years. It rocks.

    Of course, there’s always the flip side of people finding you that you don’t want to. But that’s what the ignore button is for isn’t it?

  3. Good morning, Frantic Mom! I, too, have friends I’ve never met, who live all over the world. It’s an awesome thought that as I sit and type away on my laptop, so are zillions of others! The biggest Social Media-type thing is that when my book is published, tons of blog friends have said they will definitely buy it. All I gotta do is get it completed!

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