Even Fabulous People Get Bloggers Block

A wise woman told me once that “once you stop trying to force it, success will come”.

Maybe that’s that’s my problem……. I am trying too damn hard.

Not that I don’t consider myself successful, quite the contrary. But the women who is rarely without a smart a$$ answer, comment, or story (ME) lately has been finding herself…..WORDLESS.

If Wordless Wednesday was every day of the week, I’d be golden.

Oddly enough, I can blog a blue-frickin-streak on my other blogs (all three of them), but it’s just this blog. My Peel-Back-The-Layers-And-Let-The-World-See-Franticmommy-Uncensored..blog that has been trippin me up.

I don’t think I am without material…I just have this new problem. I hear it, experience it, think “that will make FAB blog post!!”, and promptly forget the whole works by the time I get to a keyboard.

I know my hubby said something hilarious today. I just can’t remember what the heck it was 🙁

So here I sit, wondering what to post and wondering if I (once again) fall back on Old Reliable. No, not Spongebob’s Jelly Fish Net, I mean, MY Old Reliable a.k.a You Tube. Maybe I can find of nice video of babies laughing at the sound of crumpling paper or puppies singing to fill my empty spaces.

I saw one on there the other day about a dog. It was called “Bruno Needs to Poop.” It only had 2 views. SHOCKING.

Or do I reveal the Inner Workings of Franticmommy? Kind of a Q&A session:

Phantom Interviewer: “Tell me Mrs. Frantic, what do you do for fun?”

ME: I blog.

(insert cricket chirping sound here)Wow, that was fun.

Movin on now.

Or I could reveal my amazing journey of my rise from working for The Man, to one of self-employment and great wealth….oh wait…I’m still working for The Man. And my checkbook is on Life Support. Drat.

WAIT! What? Hmm? *sniff*sniff** I smell a Prequel series
on the life and times of the Frantic-est of Mommies…..THAT will
burn up at least 120 words! Boo-yah!

Oohhhhhh the possibilities are ENDLESS.

What do you do when the ol creativity funnel gets “stopped up?”

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1 thought on “Even Fabulous People Get Bloggers Block

  1. Ahh yes, the dreaded writers block. I hate it. I suffer from it frequently. I still like the words you come out with though. Now..off to search for pooping pooches.

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