Go Green. Save The Earth, Recyle Your Comments

Nice title ‘eh? How’s that for a SEO Keyword Ho Fest.

BUT, in all reality, I have regurgitated some pretty brilliant comments lately. Not even quite sure how they came out of my pie-hole, but far be it from me to look a gift horse in the mouth….

…does anybody even say that anymore? “Look a gift horse in the mouth.” Last time I looked in a horsey’s mouth, there twerent no gift in thar.

 I digress.
Recently, I took a blogging class on Finding Blogging Content, and one thing the instructor mentioned was, when commenting, if you leave more more than 2 sentences as a comment, stop right there,  go back to your blog and write a post about it instead.

Brilliant. So here’s some of my possible-post-to-be fodder:

The Adventures of Mommy Maestro had a side-tickler post about her knack of blowing up Carpet Steamers. I believe they are on Carpet Steamer #4. Here were my thoughts on the matter:

ME:Great post! I have some suggestions.

1. Don’t stress about dirty carpets anymore. Circle stains, put tags by them that say “Exhibit A”, and string up some of the police “Do Not Cross This Line” tape. I promise, your guests will be too scared to say a word.

2. Go “old school” and rip out all your flooring. I hear dirt is The New Berber these days.

3. Cut your losses and hire a carpet cleaner. I heard a definition somewhere about the meaning of INSANITY. And that definition was doing the same thing over and over again…. but expecting different results. Just sayin 😉

Amanda at Parenting by Dummies got her fineself a “jobby-job”. Part of her new “jobby-job” was to be a consumer reporter. Rock ON! As she puts it, “Don’t get excited I’m not the OMG-they-put-man-fingers-and-rat-poison-in-their-sausage, sort. I’m more the let’s-learn-to-pole-dance-because-it’s-funny, sort.”.

She is SO like me it’s scary. Part if her new gig was to defy all comfort zones and check out mixed martial arts fighting. The description of The Moves required made me about pee myself with laughter. “I was guillotining and rolling and head locking like a slightly overweight uncoordinated assassin!!!”

ME: Just a thought. This info and “new moves” may come in uber handy during one of the suck-a-licious tantrums OR even in your little dude’s later years. You know, when they are bucking you for the car keys and coming home past curfew. And it may look good on a resume. Ya never know 😉

And Mesina at And Then There Was Me. Oh hell yeah. You know I can’t go a week without quoting the ever-funny Mesina. I love her in a non-stalker, non-lesbian, you’re-as-funny-as-heck kinda way. Hope I’m not freakin you out, Mesina.

Anywho..she had this great debate going as too who was faster Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris. And if they fought each other, who would win. Now I fully appreciate cute, shirtless dudes dukin it out, but this was the only thing I lame comment I could come up with. Apparently, I was having an off day:

ME: Bruce Lee may have been fast, but Chuck wins hands down in the Hot Body But Face Like A Canned Ham category.

What kind of fabulousness have you spewed this week?

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