Happy Mother’s Day from The Dog Licker

Did everyone have a nice Mothers Day? 

I did too. 

And I have to share a funny story. Our 2nd grader (bless his little pee-pickin heart) is a a great kid. Horrible speller..but a great kid. 

He made me the most amazing Mother Day Card in school that contained sweet things like “I love my Mom because she cheers me up when I am sad” and “she is the funniest person I know”… (ok, I may have embellished that last one a bit)but what tugged at my heart the most was his answer to the question: “If you could buy your Mom any gift, what would you buy?” 

His answer?

I would buy my Mom a she-wow-wow (Chihuahua) because she licks dogs….”

I hugged him, thanked him, and gently informed him I hadn’t licked a dog in at least 10 years…”‘

“Like MOM! I meant LIKE!!!!”

Gawd I love being a parent.

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3 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day from The Dog Licker

  1. That’s really sweet! Don’t be embarrassed about licking dogs…your child obviously likes that about you.

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