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3 Ways to Increase your Blog’s Page Rank

1. Search Engine Optimize Your Blogger Blog

The title of your blog posts are the most important element of search engine optimizing your blog. If you use Google’s free Blogger software you need to adjust Blogger’s settings. The default setting is not search engine friendly. This will help you get more traffic to your blog.


Go to the DESIGN tab in your dashboard. Then find Edit HTML.

Find this line in the HTML code:

Replace it with code below:


2. Comment on other Blogs

When you comment on other blogs you build Page Rank because if you leave your blog URL it creates a link from the blog you’re on back to your blog.

3. Link to your Own Blog Posts

This is one of the most easy ways to boost your Page Rank but few take the time. Make a link from one blog post to another post on your blog. Make the link text describe what people will get when they click, rather than something generic like “click here.”

I’m going to demonstrate this now by linking to our blog post about a new blogging campaign. If you click this link it will take you to a blog post we wrote last week. This is helping build our Page Rank. Even if you don’t have a Blogger blog, you can use this technique.

One benefit of linking to your other posts is it introduces your readers to more of your writing that relates to the post they are reading.

We hope this helps you improve your blog ranking and traffic.

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Let The Summer Fun Begin!

The temps have finally warmed up here in Minnesota so it actually feels like summer! I predict blue skies, lots of bug bites, and a very busy couple of months.

For sh*ts and grins, I am going to pull a Miss Cleo and look into my Crystal Ball of The Land of Frantic:

*I predict our 5 year old will continue to be a pain in the arse and stalk the neighbors to the point they will stop answering the door. Her line “can I go show Hazel something quickly?” will wear thin right.about…NOW.

I predict the hubs will be gone on many fishing trips this summer and take at least one kid with. And I predict I will pretend to be sad about that.

I predict if the Minnesota mosquito’s don’t pick us up and carry us off, the effing woodticks will. Bug Spray will be our new BFF.

I predict a new pet will grace our household, and though the kids swear it will be “their pet” and they will “do the work”…that will last about 2 weeks. Then Mommy will have a new critter to look after. New Puppy will be my four-legged BFF.

I predict that, though they don’t have to get up for school anymore, our kids will continue to get up at the butt-crack-of-dawn. WTF?? Sleep IN for Gawd’s sake! Don’t waste opportunity! In fact, as I type this, I hear small feet creeping up the stairs. And it’s 6:30 a.m. *sigh*

I predict, this will be the Best Summer Ever because my kids continue to grow in evolve in ways I never imagined. They blow my mind on a regular basis, and I am excited to be apart of this Summer of Magic 🙂

What kind of things do YOU predict for your summer?

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2 thoughts on “Let The Summer Fun Begin!

  1. I predict I will fall down from exhaustion trying to check things off my kids summer list of things to do.

  2. I just totally blogged about my summer plans. I am also hoping for children that sleep in..we just added to our family in the pet department and I knew full well that when I said I was getting a dog for the kids it was really for me…hence why is she wears a rhinestone collar and pink harness for our walks

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