I Am Smart Like Myself.

Kids say the darndest things and my apes are no exception. The particularly funny one in our fam is 5 year-old Sara. The stuff that comes out of her mouth is mind blowing. So here’s a funny/cute “Sara story” for you.

SCENE: Sara in the tub babbling away about things that are “twins” and “id-den-ti-cal.” Conversation begins:

ME: Wow Sara, you are SO smart!

Sara: Oh yes. I am very smart.

ME: How did you get so smart? Are you smart like Mommy (*hint*hint*)? Or smart like Daddy?

(pause) Sara: I am smart like myself.

ME: Good answer! You will be a bright, successful, wonderful grown-up someday.

Sara: Oh yes! When I am 16, that will be tu-moungous for me!

ME: What will happen when you are 16? Will you get a car?

Sara: YES! A dark pink car!

ME: Will you be Queen of the Prom?

Sara: On no. I will be a Rock Star!

Mom tears up. Makes mental note to pray that that confidence stays with her forever. Sara scratches butt and sniffs fingers.


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  1. So sweet! My son used to tell me he was born the boss when we’d try to establish a familial hierarchy! Love your blog!

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