A Guide To Safe Fax

Q: Do I have to be married before I can Fax?
A: Although married people Fax quite often, there are many single folks who Fax complete strangers every day.

Q: If I fax something to myself, will I go blind?
A: Certainly not, at least not as far as we can see.

Q: There’s is a place on our street where you can go and pay for Fax. Is that even legal?
A: Yes. Many people have no other outlet for the Fax drives and must pay a “professional” when their need to Fax becomes too great.

Q:My spouse likes to Fax morning, noon, and night. Sometimes I get tired of all of this Faxing. What should I do?
A: Firmly tell your spouse to “Fax off.”

Q: Should a cover always be used when Faxing?
A: Unless, your are very sure of the one you’re Faxing, a cover should indeed be used to ensure safe Fax.

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