Kids And Social Media. At What Age Is It OK?

Earlier this week I did a story about Cyberbullying and Child Internet Safety. For me this topic is fascinating, scary, AND eye-opening. What got me started on researching this topic was an assignment from Her Voice Magazine.

Tough topic..but I am in heaven. I loved learning new things and this topic has not disappointed. This in-depth research has now evolved into other projects as well because….well…it’s a pretty relevant, important, and controversial topic.

I shared my thoughts and findings with fellow bloggy buddy Jenny at The Magic Farmhouse and she wrote this awesome article about her views on kids and Social Media. Please give it a read. Good stuff!

Side note: This was my comment on Jenny’s blog after reading this well-done post: “Social Media is not all bad. Like you mentioned for Pickle it’s an excellent way to stay in touch with far-away friends. I’ve reconnected with relatives that I hadn’t spoken to since childhood thanks to Facebook. When my Brother In Law is deployed overseas next week, Facebook will be our way to stay in touch with him. But just be aware there is a dark side. As adults we might not hear about it as much, but it you want a taste of what’s going on in the real world of a teen, go to Twitter and search the hashtag #stopbullying. Or Google the tragic story of Jamey Rodemeyer. It’s no joke and we all need to be aware.”

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