Minnesota Scentsy Scents You Won’t Find In Stores

1. Oil Of Goat Sweat

2. South End Of A North-Bound Moose.

3. Ode to Le’ Skunke (a pungent French scent).

4. My Gramma’s Canoe Seat ( an *ahem* “earthy” scent).

5. Vanilla Salamander Suprise.

6. Rutting Season Dawn For Men (makes the gals wanna pee in your rut)

7. Kiss My Bass (reminder of the 5 day fishing trip with “da guys”. Best for garages and workshops.)

8. GobbUmWorms. Another popular scent for men. Formerly called WhatchaCatchin.

9. Autumn Stroll Acorn Folly. A gentle reminder of the act of walking during prime leaf and acorn drop. Includes coupon for bike helmet.

10. Glistening April Song: Or G.A.S for short. A refreshing scent designed to cover the odors that result in the exclamation “what the eff is that SMELL?????”


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4 thoughts on “Minnesota Scentsy Scents You Won’t Find In Stores

  1. Becky….SO Funny! LOVE your blogging style. Can relate to this post as I’m from Michigan which is full of Yoopers who I think use these same ones. 🙂

  2. Just realized I posted “love it, so true” as a comment on your last post too! I must love your blog and agree with everything you say 🙂

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