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The BlogTalk Radio People are REALLY Brave…

I am sooooo freakin excited right now.

Like pee my pants, spin-in-circles-like-a-toddler, excited!

Why, you may be asking?

Well…. Because I have a chance to broadcast my madness!! Boo-YAH! (Insert maniacal laugh here).

I may be kidding about the “madness” part (kinda), but I’m NOT kidding about the “broadcast” part. Silly buggers. What were they thinking?

Thursday 11/17/11 I will be interviewed on Blog Talk Radio! Wanna listen? huh? huh? GO HERE. I will be yapping my face off about blogging, why I am so weird, with a side order of blogging.

OK, so like..what do I wear? Court Jester hat ( have one)? A 1980’s Power Suit (have one)?  My daughter’s Pink Power Ranger costume? That might be cool. Then I can utter phrases like  “hi-YAh!” or “Take THAT Physco Rangers!”

Plus, I think I look pretty hot in it. (reality: she’s 5….soooo basically I could wear the gloves and the mask…..)

Enough about garb, what should I say? What if I swear? Burp? Then swear cuz I burped? *shudder*

Do these people have any idea what they are in for???

FAST FORWARD. So let’s say it’s already Thursday, you’ve listened to the show,  and you’re here to check out this goofy chick called Franticmommy:Queen of the Kingdom of TIRED.

Welcome! Kick off your shoes, have a snack, and ignore the mess. The cleaning lady has the week month forever day off so it’s a little cluttered around here. Everyone’s welcome and the only requirement is a good sense of humor and the appreciation of a good ole-fashioned poop story.

OK, maybe I will skip the poop stories today.

But feel free to snoop around, have read, and check out some of my all time favs like:

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Thanks for stopping by!

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