Took-It Fairies, Thistles, and Things That Get Lost In the Woods

Crap goes missing in my house All.The.Time. 


I personally think it’s the Little Humans who reside with me who move stuff, examine stuff, or see stuff and think “oh! that would make a great alligator trap!”…….but I also have a sneaking suspicion it’s my own leaky memory.

The bottom line is, someone needs to get blamed. 

When things go missing in my house we always blame the Took-It Fairy. I envision the Took-It Fairy to look something like this:

What? I like gnomes. Especially badass girl gnomes with shades. Backs up my theory of where my 2 pair of favorite sunglasses went too.

HOWEVER, there are times in our house when things go missing on purpose. When this happens we always say it got lost in the woods.

As in: “Your loudly obnoxious toy? The one that incessantly beeps, honks, growls, and chirps? You can’t find it? Maybe it got lost in the woods.…”

I have a friend who, when her submission for a book got mislaid and almost missed the deadline, responded “Can I blame it on the thistles? I blame everything else on them, might as well stick this on them too.”

Who gets the blame in your house when things go missing?

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