Someone Very Special Turns 7 This Week

Someone very special is turning seven this week.

It seems like just yesterday you were born- all 4 pounds 6 ounces of you. Four-pounds-six-ounces of piss-n-vinegar, I might add. You didn’t let your tiny size slow you down then (or now. You’ve always been ready to take on the world.

It feels like just yesterday that I was lifting you out of the crib, standing you on your tiny  jammy-ed feet, and shouting to the rest of family, “I’ve released the beast!”

Now you’re almost all grown up… least a first grader.

And you’ll never know how much I love you.

You’ll  never know how proud I am of you.

You’ll never never know how cute I secretly think you are when you don’t get your way and you show me your little pout. Tiny lower lip poking out, little shoulders slumped forward, and arms dangling in mock despair.

You’ll  never know how close I come to giving in every time you do that cute little move.

That one, I’ll keep to myself for awhile 🙂

Happy Birthday Saraboo.

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2 thoughts on “Someone Very Special Turns 7 This Week

  1. This was nice reading. Kids are so special, and they sure grow up fast. I am old…older than dirt…LOL. I have some grandchildren I never hardly see. I sure enjoyed reading your writing.

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