WAHM Tip Thursday: 12 Ways to Make Money From Your Know-How


Too many women make the mistake of thinking they don’t have any skills or products worth marketing.

I don’t know how to do the things, you do,” they tell me.

You don’t have to do what I do or know the things I know to make money from home. There will always be things that you know that someone else doesn’t. Here’s a simple list of ‘know-hows’ that WAHM’s can use to make money. (I’ll tell you how later in the post.)

  1. Simply (or complex) sewing projects you’ve created on your own.
  2. Recipes that you came up with in your own kitchen.
  3. Creative craft project ideas to do with kids.
  4. Tips for new mothers.
  5. Tips for keeping your home organized.
  6. Gardening know-how.
  7. Ideas for low-cost birthday parties for kids.
  8. How to save money on groceries.
  9. Quilt patterns, knitting patterns, crochet patterns you’ve created.
  10. How to make your own natural products.
  11. Makeup tips for teens.
  12. What’s your hobby? Tell someone else how to get started.

 I know what you’re thinking. People can find that type of information all over the place. You’re right! They can – because SOMEONE chose to share their know-how. Why shouldn’t your know-how be one of the options people have to choose from when they are looking for information and ideas?

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 For ideas of the types of know-how people are selling and how it is being sold, checkout the PayLoadz.com e-store. You’ll see eBooks, patterns, report and lots of other types of digital products listed. Everything in this e-store is a product that one of their sellers has created and listed for sale.

 PayLoadz helps their sellers sell their products online by handling the sales transaction and the secure delivery of the product files to the buyers. Although all the sellers can have their products listed in the PayLoadz e-store, most sellers also market their products on their own websites, blogs and social media too. PayLoadz makes that easy by providing Buy Now buttons for use on website or in emails, as well as sharable links.

 In case you think this is just advertising hype, take a look at the eBook my friend Kathleen Krueger created and is selling through her website using the PayLoadz service. She wrote down what she’s learned about freelancing online, saved it as a pdf file and continues to gain new sales. You can even make money selling it for through PayLoadz easy affiliate sales link on her store page.

 What are you waiting for? Start cataloging your know-how, put it into a pdf file and put a price tag on it!

You can also connect with PayLoadz HERE: Facebook: www.facebook.com/payloadz  Twitter: www.twitter.com/payloadz

SIDE NOTE: Here’s my “Hot pick” for a PayLoadz product.

The Fast Track to Freelance Success Online by Kathleen Krueger


This wonderful ebook provides guidance from Kathleen Krueger, a successful full time freelance writer who was able to ‘fast track’ her writing career from 0 to full time freelance writer in less than one year. Kathleen shares her sources for online writing projects, how to win projects, how to price your work and how to grow your business. Kathleen has helped several writers to reach full time status, just as she has. In the book you will receive the same tips and advice she gave to them.

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