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Taking The Plunge with Email Marketing: Aweber

I may be a virtual assistant, veteran blogger, and small biz owner…but I still make rookie mistakes.

The biggest one I feel I’ve made is not starting an email list 6 years ago when I started blogging here on Franticmommy. Six years! I cringe to think how much opportunity I’ve missed out on 🙁

Now that I have taken steps to start gathering an email list (email marketing) I still am not sure I know what I am doing. As someone who typically has no problem writing and creating stories, I still find myself staring at that blank Aweber email template and thinking…

  • Now what? What do I want to say?
  • Do people even care? Will this even get read?
  • Am I doing this right? Am I “leaving money on the table?”

I am sure I am not alone in these feelings and doubts too. But despite my clunkiness, I know if I want to control and orchestrate what subscribers see, I need to do email marketing. By NOT creating a list of dedicated readers and customers, I would be “leaving money on the table.” Email marketing allows me to do more than recap my blog posts. It allows me to share tips, to share cool tools and apps that I have comes across, to showcase other people I admire, and even make some money with affiliate sales. Social media and blogging kinda offers this ability, but email marketing is more of a laser focus. It’s more of an intentional connection with the people who are familiar with your blog, website, or business.

Getting started with email marketing can be overwhelming. But after some research and a few misfires, I think I am on the right path finally. And even I after I made the choice to begin my much-needed email list I spun my wheels A LOT. The biggest piece of the puzzle was finding the right email servicer. Getting a good one that is effective, affordable, and easy to use was a biggee for me. After trying MailChimp, Constant Contact, and MadMimi, I finally choose Aweber.


Get Started Today For Only $1! – AWeber Communications

Everyone is different, but I just found Aweber pretty easy to figure out. Here’s an intro video to give you an idea how Aweber rolls. Take 6 minutes and watch it and then decide if it is the time for you to start your list.

The good news is that Aweber has a deal where your first month is only $1. Once you sign up you will have 30 to decide if Aweber is a right fit for you. I like that they have classes available and also quite a few videos, articles and help topics to explore. You can sign up HERE for Aweber.

Bottom line; give it a whirl. They best way to get started on something is to that first step and just Do.It. Your list will ever grow and you will never know the benefits of having a vibrant list to sell to until you start.

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