My List of 9 Bloggers That ROCK


I love blogs.

I try to  read a lot of blog posts every week…but I just don’t get the time to really dig in like I would like.

I read all sort of blogs. Some are straight-up business and social media orientated. Some are book and children’s reading-themed, and many of my favorites revolve around parenthood and DIY.  My inner “Junk Gypsy” has recently been reawakened and I love some of the amazing involving repurposing blogs and bloggers. I have some local peeps and blogger buddies I like to follow as well.

What I look for in a “favorite blogger” is the things that appeal to the many parts of ME. I am always on the hunt for things my to make my WAHM life easier and more streamlined. I read some of these blogs for information {coupons, recipes, parenting tips, blogging advice. I read blogs that can make me a better Virtual Assistant. I read things that will make me a better MOM. I read stuff that’s funny just to give my brain a break.

I wish I had the time to read everybody’s stuff religiously and on a daily basis> But the reality is, I read what….

  1. I have time for.
  2. What I am in the mood for.

I’ve received a handful of emails lately asking me what blogs I follow, so today, I’m sharing ____of my most favorite blogs in hopes they will become your favs too, and to share some Bloggy Love with my peeps who make my life easier


Simply Stacie cover

1. Simply Stacie:

Stacie is someone who I have followed for years. Not only is she a wealth of great blogging information, she does a series called Monetizing Your Blog where she reveals the income her blog produces and where it comes from. I have found tons of great info this way and I look forward to her monthly reports on this subject.

2. Kikolani:

If I could hijack someone’s brain, it might possibly be Kristi Hines’.  Kristi blows me away with her unique and no fluff articles about blogging and various topics. Reading her stuff is always a “holy sh*t that was good. Let me re-read it again” moment.

3. Jeff Goins:

If you have ever had dreams of being a writer, Jeff is someone you will want to follow.

4. Jump Into A Book:

Maybe I am a little biased about this one (Valarie is one of my clients) but it never ceases to amaze me what in-depth, original crafts and activities Valarie comes up with based on children’s books. We are big readers in our house, but Valarie’s “bookjumping” takes the stories out of the pages and creates fun and educational family time. Her book picks are spot-on as well and it’s always entertaining to see what she comes up with next to get families engaged and get kids reading!

Jump Into a Book

5. Ann’s Rants:

Ann’s raw humor about life and parenthood is something I have tried to model myself after for years. I love her wit and her storytelling. I want to be Ann Imig when I grow up. Here’s a couple of her “you HAVE to read this!” posts:

I need to tell you about the alligators in the sewer and some other stuff

Motherhood Math

What to do when no one in this house will play with you

As you may guess, I lean toward humor bloggers because…well…I’d like to think I am one ::cough::cough::

#6 Telling Dad:

Telling Dad is special in two ways; he’s funny as hell and he’s a dude. I don’t see many male bloggers out there and Greg Zellers from Telling Dad has been around for quite some time. Always funny, always timely, he’s just one cool cat. Speaking of “cat,” his latest post The Five Stages of Orphan Cat Ownership will make you laugh until you pee your litter pan. Keep being awesome Greg.

7. SITS (The SITS Girls):

If there’s any blog that I wait for the next installment “with baited breath” (such a weird saying. Is “baited breath” mean I have breath that smells like a minnow?) it’s the SITS Girls. SITS is a community for bloggers but also the closest to Blogger University you will probably ever get. They have great articles, fun blogger profiles, and kick-arse events like Bloggy Bootcamp (I’m going this year!) for anyone who is serious about blogging.

The SITS Girls

8. Scary Mommy:

I’ve been a Scary Mommy fan since “back in the day.” Jill is now a twice published author and a powerhouse in the blogging community.

scary mommyNot afraid to speak her mind and let an f-bomb fly, Scary Mommy’s frank honesty about parenthood is cherished and appreciated.

9. Something Clever 2.0:

I just started recently following this blogger and not only do I have a non-lesbian-girl-crush on her hair color, I think she’s pretty stinkin funny too. Her recently post Yelping the Unyelpable does not disappoint.

I realize I’m leaving lots of people out — but my intentions are not to hurt anyone’s feelings. There are thousands of amazing blogs out there and I frequently read through many other blogs that are not on my list above.

Do you follow any of these blogs? Share some of your “top reads” with me. I am always looking to discover new bloggers!

Please share!

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    1. I know! SITS, Simply Stacie, and Ann’s Rants are three that I have followed for YEARS. I missed another good one too. Heather @ThetaMom.

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