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I Feel A Shift Coming

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When I think of writing, I think of you…”

These were the words in an email that I received right away this sleepy Friday morning. And they were words that brought tears of joy to my eyes.

The words may seem plain to you, but it’s the source from which they came that means the most to me. My dad-my inspiration, coach, and greatest fan-passed away 25 years ago this month. The email was from the man who was his best friend in his living years, a fellow by the name of John. John was (and still is) a lawyer-by-day and breathtaking poet and photographer by night. Both men ( my Dad and John) were intensely private people and preferred to hone their craft away from the public eye.

John has since gone on to become a nationally recognized photographer and writer and though I don’t see him often, when I do see him, his warmth and encouragement always sticks with me for months and months.

The “shift” I am talking about is my personal shift from being a Virtual Assistant (something I am fiercely proud of and pretty darn successful at) and doing people’s “busy work” to more of a role of freelance writer. I think the need and desire has always been inside of me, it just got pushed aside for the sake of  “earning consistent money.”

But the truth-of-the-matter is that I am happiest when I write. Even though my spelling and grammar are far from perfect, writing comes easily to me. Writer’s block is something I’ve never had (knock on wood) and when I look back on old writing exercises that ask “if you could do anything in life, and you knew you could not fail, what would you do?” the questions were always answered with…


When I am approached by women who are looking to find some sort of work-from-home option in their life,  I always encourage them to connect their work with something they love. I think I need to start taking my own advice.

Not to get all “woo-woo” on you but I’ve always believed that things happen for a reason in life. The path unfolds where it needs to, when it needs to. Many times what happens isn’t pleasant or even makes sense, but if you look hard enough, there’s usually some sort of light or path hidden in the chaos and pain.

Work-wise, all the new gigs and opportunities that have come my way of late have been writing-based, and that makes me giddy and excited. Yes, I feel a shift coming, kinda like the changing tide in an ocean.

I just need to be ready to ride the wave.

What “shift” in life do you feel/see coming?

Please share!

2 thoughts on “I Feel A Shift Coming

  1. I can totally relate to you! I feel as though I need to find something for ME. Just me. Not mommy of 4. Not wife of 14 yrs. Not blogger. Not daughter. Not sister. JUST little ole’ me. I have taken an interest in herbs and natural remedies and that may be all mine; although my son brought me a bunch of goldenrod from his friends house the other day:)

  2. What a fun email to receive. No wonder it brought tears. Congratulations on finding yourself on a path you love.

    While I do feel a shift in the air, it’s one that seems to be up to me. There are many directions I could take right now and for the first time in a long time I feel like I get to choose which one will be best for me. Still pondering.

    Happy Sharefest.

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