I Need to Rediscover My Funny Bone

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away (::sound of needle ripping across a record::) WAIT.


Gravitate and listen. Ice is back with a brand new EDITION…..

Sorry. It was an 80’s flashback weekend.

OK, here’s the scoop. Seven years ago when I started Franticmommy, I was a pretty funny chick. No seriously. I was. I could whip out pee-on-your-sofa funny stories like Fish Emergency in the Express Lane and The School Called. Your Son Ate a Deer Skull Today like nobody’s business.

Readers would come for miles (I think) and wait with baited breath (possibly) for my next uber inconsistent hilarious post. Franticmommy was the envy of my universe world continent state city street many, many people.


Then recently I had an ah-ha moment. Actually I was an oh crap moment. It was a moment when I realized I Lost My Funny somewhere. Somewhere along the line my Awesome-sauce turned into a big bland vat of Lame-sauce.

I think it hit me after reading freaking amazingly funny bloggers like:

Something Clever 2.0


Funny is Family

Funny is Family

 One Classy Motha


Ann’s Rants

anns rants2

Truly funny women bloggers that is would LOVE to be more like. I fret I’ve become stuffy, boring, one-sided. And nothing is worse than an a chubby, 47-ish-something-year-old-Madre-of-two who stuffily boring.

I need to re-ignite my “funny.” Maybe I should do stand-up at the Laugh Factory. I could be the modern day Roseanne Barr with a Minner-sota twist. Maybe I could laugh more, frown less, and stop taking hits of Nutella when the going gets tuff.

Maybe I step aaaaawwwaaayyyy from the social media world of SEO, Updates, Posts, Likes and Shares. Maybe I should focus on poop stories, humorous sarcasm, and tales of Advanced Maternal Age. Yes? Yes?

So, that being said…I shall ::strike a valiant pose:: rediscover my funny bone. And it SHALL (::another valiant pose..this one WITH a tiara) be a BIGGER and BETTER and FUNNIER bone than ever!!!!……

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