Social Media Sunday: Falling In Love With Blogging All Over Again

Love blogging? Me too. Here are some of my “hot finds” from the last few weeks that all passionate bloggers will like.


From Daily Blog Tips: Five Common Mistakes #Bloggers Make When They Want More Readers {and How to Fix Them}

At The SITS Girls: 8 Steps to Advertising on Your Blog


Be a Feelance Blogger: 52 Totally Free Resources for Freelance Bloggers

At Michelle Mangen (one of my favorite VA bloggers) Blog Copywriting Dos For Virtual Assistants and Their Clients

blog copywriting

This is thanks to Kelby at TypeAParent: 11 Places Bloggers Can Make Money

PLaces bloggers can make money

From my own archives:

7 Tips to make sure you are NOT a Blogger Behaving Badly.


7 Free And Kick Arse Tools Bloggers Should Be Using


Monetize Your Blog Using Instabuilder for Killer Sales Pages 

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