Life Lessons

What I learned from the 2014 Olympics

If I could sum up this year’s 2014 Olympic Athletes in two words, those words would be “vision” and “strategy.”

Think about it, to even get to this point these athletes need to have tremendous goals and a vision for their potential outcome. I doubt if Amy Purdy or Health Calhoun just showed up on a whim and said “sure, I’ll give it a go.”  They had a plan, a strategy, and vision of success that took years to come to fruition. They trained, sweated, and worked for months and months to be mentally and physically prepared for their one moment to perform their at their best.

In reality, is business or life any different? We need strategies, focus, goals, and a vision just like these athletes. We rely on coaches and mentors to guide us, scold us, and pick us up when we are down. We are judged at times as well, most of the timely fairly, but sometimes not. Still we forge ahead striving for those moments to perform our personal best.

All of the Olympic athletes I witnessed showed me that it takes personal courage and strength to succeed, but also to call it quits with grace and dignity. Other athletes reminded me that, no matter what “sport” you’re in, always demonstrate good sportsmanship. The world is watching, and remembering. They showed me you should always try your hardest to finish, and say “thank you” to those who helped get you there. I am extremely proud of our 2014 Olympians.


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