Fighting off Frumpy



It dawned on me as I looked in the mirror last Saturday that I had let myself slide…a lot.

I have lots of excuses (none of them valid) about being too busy, no money, who-cares-I’m-a-Mom….but the bottom line is, there are plowed fields better looking than me right now.

I am not sure at what point things began to slide. Holes in my under-grunders were merely “breather holes” and bedroom slippers became everyday-leave-the-house-footwear. Winter is waning and quite honestly, I am mourning the exit of my standard Hoodie-and-Yoga-Pants daily uniform. Capris? Shorts? Sandals? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.

Even my purse isย  lookin’ a tad sad. I’ve had the same purse for three years. I love that purse. I can cram entire changes of clothes, lunches, bottle of water in the dang thing. Truth be told, it was a “score!” out of the half-price bin at Goodwill. Needless to say it was in that bin for a reason.

Then there’s my shoes. Shoes are the bane of my existence. My 9.5 wides have been mistaken for snowshoes a time or two and it’s not a ton of fun to find shoes that fit my clodhoppers. I have defied the elements these last 6 months and remained true and steadfast in my dedication to wearing my Wally-World knock-off Crocs. Yes, you are correct. Shoes with a “holey” design and snow do not mix,ย  but these shoes fit two of my top criteria for footwear:

1. they fit and are comfy

2. they go with everything (kinda)

So..that all being said, I knew it was time to fight off frumpy. Off to the closet/basement/thrift shop/store I went.

Ever notice that, when the old/forgotten stuff is rediscovered, it becomes fabulously new again? Digging deep in my closet I happened upon an awesome purse I forgot I even had. It’s as big as a car but hey, it’s stylish. And pink. Me loves PINK. I matched that with brand new clamshell pocket-book and booyah! I am starting to feel like a pretty Hot Mama.

Even the things no one sees got an overhaul. I splurged on a new bra, some cheapie-but-cute earrings and retired my “breather hole” underwear. Who knew a snazzy new thumb ring could make me feel so….hip.

A friend suggested a “hair color change” (something other than Streaked Gray/Brown me thinks) Not a bad idea…

What? How much does it cost? Sh*t. {Flash-o-Brilliance inserted here} The bottle of Peroxide sounded like a good deal at the time. But my hair is now one pubic hair shade lighter…and drier than a popcorn fart.

Note to self: Step aaawwwaaayyy from the DYI hair lightening endeavors. Off to the damage control lady hairstylist I go. And hey, while we are at it, remove that brush pile on my upper lip, yes, yes?

So here I am. A slightly shiny, upgraded version of ME. Overall I feel fresher, a tad younger and a whole lot more confident. Summertime capris or shorts and having skin exposed from the knee down still is making me shudder…but I think it’s all a good start ๐Ÿ™‚

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