Writing Better Blogs: Quickie Tips for Beginners


Writing Better Blogs

I get asked A LOT, “tell me one thing that will help me get started with blogging.”

I wish it was that easy! As much as I love teaching and educating people about blogs, that is an impossible question to answer with just “one thing.” It’s like someone asking “tell me one thing that will help me lose a 100 pounds.” It can’t be done in one sentence.
Starting a blog, continuing a blog and making that blog successful can’t be summed up in a few short sentences or even over someone’s lunch break {which comes up a lot as well}. There’s not just one thing, there’s a bazillion. So before you become disheartened, overwhelmed and smack the “back” button, just know it’s a process, but a very “do-able” process. With that in mind, here’s some quickie tips for beginners that will at least get you pointed in the right direction.

FOCUS. In my opinion, focus is the key to success. It’s right up there with good content. You need to figure out what your blog is about, what it wants to be when it grows up and what your target audience is. In my humble opinion, too many bloggers write about way too many topics and those who are all over the map are the ones who not only struggle to find their voice, but struggle to find a consistent readership. Although the “jack of all trades” writing may work in the very beginning, you will need to fine tune your posts later on down the road and hone in on a niche.  By “know what your niche is” I mean are you a Foodie? Health and Wellness guru? Thrifty Living? Imagine  walking up to a complete stranger and saying, “Hi, I’m ___and I’m a blogger. My blogger is about_________.” Define your identity and your blogging path become clearer.

In the beginning, Franticmommy’s goal/focus {seven years ago} was one thing; to make people laugh. If readers popped by my blog and read my goofy (and true) stories on the trials and tribulations of parenthood and thought “thank gawd it’s not just me!”….MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. As time went on, I wanted to stretch my blogging wings beyond poop and tantrum stories. I feel I am closest to my true self now than ever and YES, I still write to make people laugh and snort milk out their nose, but I am also striving to write stuff that empowers and informs. More on that later 🙂

Titles and Keywords: Readers are crushed daily with an avalanche of info. That results in what I call “Goldfish Attention Span Syndrome” which means you have fleeting seconds to hook people with your titles and information and reel them in for a closer look. With that in mind, readers are more likely to click on fun and intriguing titles. Not only do your titles need to match what you are writing about, they need to be catchy and fun. The title “Dear Beastwomen I Just Saw At Wal-mart” may not have the keyword “umph” …but wouldn’t you want to click on it and read more?

Readers-vs-Visitors: So, which do you want? This is a complicated one to explain, but it will determine the voice of your blog. “Visitors” could be the types of people who pop by your blog just long enough to enter your giveaway, add themselves as a follower (because it’s part of the instructions of the contest), drive up your traffic numbers and page views (which makes your blog more valuable in the eyes advertisers), but disappear quickly and possibly never visit your blog again. “Readers” on the other hand, are people committed to your blog and stop by because they like what you have to say. No carrots need to be dangled..they just like what you have to say. Figure out which is important to you, and conduct yourself accordingly.

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