No Bummer Summer

Traveling with Children by Plane: The Essentials

No Bummer Summer


So how’s your summer goin? Lots if trips and fun? Yes, yes?

For many of us our summer travel consists of Road Trippin With The Fam, but there are some bolder souls out there that chose to fly (something I have not braved yet) with kids. Here’s some tips and thoughts to keep you organized and prepared for air travel with kiddies:

The rules and regulations regarding plane travel has been greatly modified since the attacks of 9/11, but the needs of children haven’t – especially young children. Therefore, it’s important that you both comply with the airline rules while bringing all the essentials that your little ones will need to make the plane ride a pleasing one. Below you will find a list of items to bring on the plane when you travel with your children.


Diapers, Wipes and Blankets: If you have infants or toddlers, then you know the importance of bring diapers and baby wipes. Not only should you plan to bring at least 2 per hour of travel, but you need to bring a few extra as well. For baby wipes, it’s a good rule of thumb that you bring a minimum of two packs because these little things can be used for a number of things! Finally, if your child has a favorite blanket, then do not forget it at home. Sometimes this is all that’s needed to comfort the little one on a plane ride.


Books, Books, Books: Most young children love books and enjoy reading them with their parents. Therefore, when you are planning a plane ride, make sure you bring a few paper back story books in your carry-on. If you have older children that like to read, be sure to bring a couple new books for them as well. Coloring books are also great for young children as they can flip down the tray on the seat in front of them to use as a table.


Bottles, Pacifiers and Candy: Weird combination right? Well, what you bring will depend on the age of your children. Bottles, pacifiers and candy all keep the mouth busy. Sometimes little ones can be cranky or chatty and just need something to suck on. Of course, for infants, bottles and pacifiers work great. For older children, candy usually works great. Things like suckers, bubble gum and M&Ms will help time pass.


Toys: Toys and children just go hand-in-hand and traveling by plane is no exception. Regardless of how long your flight is, it’s a pretty safe bet that your little one will get antsy and bored. So, always come prepared with a couple of favorite toys as well as some new ones to capture his attention. For older children, you can pack a couple of travel games to play with them during the flight.


Electronics: If you have a portable DVD player or small laptop that you can bring, do it! Then, make sure you bring a couple of your child’s favorite DVDs to watch. While sitting in front of the TV isn’t one of the most ideal things to let your children do, it’s the perfect thing for little ones to do during long flights as it will hold their attention for a longer period of time and make the flight more enjoyable for you and the other passengers as well.


Anti-Nausea Medicine: Some children suffer from motion sickness, especially when flying. So, depending on your child’s age, you may need to pack some anti-nausea medicine. Now, regardless of your child’s age, if he or she has an issue with vomiting due to motion sickness, you need to make sure you bring some disposable vomit bags.

Where are you off to this summer?

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