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Don’t Pay Full Price: No Nonsence Hacks on Saving Money

I am all about saving money. In fact, if you look back into the Franticmommy archives you will find countless articles on how to make some extra jing, but also ideas on saving some too. This topic fascinates me BIG TIME so I am always on the hunt for great tips, facts and creative info for those people, like me, that like the art of the deal. Here are some great “savings hacks.”

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Choosing Gifts And Cards For Lower Prices

Purchasing gift cards and certificates is necessary for many families that prefer to offer them as gifts. Gift cards and certificates make good gifts because they allow the recipient to shop for what they please after they receive them. Also, these cards come to the recipient with the of having a receipt and an easy way to get customer service.

Purchasing The Cards

Purchasing the cards is simple for the gift giver. When the card is purchased, it comes to the giver with a receipt and balance statement. This paperwork can be passed on to the person who receives the gift. This allows the recipient to see what they have received. However, the recipient also gets contact information for the company that sells the cards. When people are calling for help with their cards, they do not want to be at the mercy of the person who purchased the card. The company that sells the card can offer the necessary customer service for each recipient.

Trips And Hotels

Trips and hotels can be purchased with these certificates for a significant discount. The family that likes to take a big vacation every year can get their hotel room or trip package for much cheaper than they usually must spend. Trip packages can be purchased for up to 50 cents on the dollar, and many of the hotel accommodations for the family can be made by getting steep discounts on the hotel rates. Room rates can become quite high, but the family can get a discount on even the most expensive room when they are shopping.

Buy One Get One

There are many certificates that customers can get to purchase an item and get one for free. These coupons are helpful for people who are trying to stockpile items that are traditionally expensive. Many of the people who shop with these cards will find that they can get more for their money when they purchase the cards in advance from a vendor.

The gift cards and certificates that people use for their purchases can help to save significant amounts of money on their familiar purchases. The best way for the family to keep money in their pocket is to use these gift cards to make sure they are always saving money. Purchasing online from a place like allows families to pay for these cards and certificates with any form of payment they like while also getting perfect gifts and certificates.

Good luck and Happy Saving!


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