{Victories, Fun Stuff & Deals } My Dream 2015 Planner & Motivator has arrived..

I don’t know about you, but’s been a helluva week. Good and bad. I am relieved to be past it and looking for the future.

There were some bright spots to the week and here’s a recap:

FINALLY, a 2015 calendar I can get excited about!

Leonie Dawson planner

As a survivor of a 30-year stint in the office products industry, I still to this day have a “thing” for calendars. It’s been a long time since I found one that REALLY trips my trigger and the Create Your Shining Year Life & Biz planners from Leonie Dawson does just that. Motivating, fun bright, quirky..just like ME. I have this planner coming as MY treat to ME for the New Year.  Need help transforming 2015 into an incredible year for your life? Get the school on the Create Your Shining Year Life& Biz planners.

LOVE my planning wall calendar!
LOVE my planning wall calendar!

It’s a Par-TAY!

New VA Advice

My friend and fellow virtual assistant is having a Par-TAY on her newVAadvice.com website!
Why should you attend?
  • Be eligible for a chance to win some awesome FREE giveaways to help your VA biz (see pinned post for updates)
  • • Have a chance to take advantage of DEEP discounts on ALL products at New VA Advice
  • • Get a great early bird price on the upcoming “New Year, New VA, New Clients” Challenge! 12/22/14 is the day!

Multicultural Children's Book day

Love children’s books? Multicultural Children’s Book Day (1/27/15) is looking for bloggers to review free diverse children’s books
Multicultural Children’s Book Day is coming 1-27-15 and this National Literacy event could use some more bloggers to review free multicultural books on their blogs! If you love books and would like to review a book on your site, head over to the MCCBD site for details and sign-up!

As some of you may know, I am loving being a freelance writer for the HERLIFE Magazine Central Valley CA edition. NOW, I am the Cover and Spotlight writer for the Twin Cities franchise! Here’s my first freelance assignment for HERLIFE Magazine with an amazing and inspiring woman: A Passion for Personal Injury Law: Kate Westad

I also have to admit I am slightly geeked (OK, I am massively excited) that my name was mentioned in the ginormous publication Publisher’s Weekly article about the upcoming Multicultural Children’s Book Day.

Publisher's Weekly

If you look for the bad, you will always find it. I choose to focus on the good things that come my way. How about you?

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