10 Things to do with Your Kids Before They Grow Up

10 Things to do with your Kids Before They Grow Up


Life moves so fast when you are a parent. The Season of Parenthood flies by and what seems like “only yesterday,” marks the passing of years. The following is a list of ten things to do with your kids before they are grown and gone.

Turn the Ordinary into Extraordinary: Make your everyday routines together count. Sing some favorite silly songs on the way to daycare, leave little jokes or love notes in their lunch box or make that drive to and from school “chat time” to discuss what’s happening in your child’s life.

Read Together: Reading doesn’t have to be a solitary act and a family who reads together will continue that love of literature all through life. Reading is a great way to learn, grow, bond and to travel to faraway places without leaving the couch!

Play: For kids, playing is such an important part of childhood. It strengthens and refines small and large motor skills, and it builds stamina and strength. All the more reason that adults should join in in the fun as well! Set aside time to color pictures, make finger paintings, build buildings with blocks and built a tent in the middle of the living room for a little indoor camping!

Practice Healthy Habits Together: Healthy habits that last a lifetime start at home. Encourage your kids to join you in healthy eating, cooking and exercise. It’s the perfect way to get in shape and spend time as a family as well.

Invest in a Treasured Keepsake: So often when kids are young, parents fall into the “we can’t afford it trap.” Items like an engraved piece of jewelry even a critter from Build A Bear Workshop may not be “needs,” but they certainly are an important part of family history. A keepsake, with sweet memories attached, that treasured well beyond childhood is also one that can be handed down over generations.

Take Lots and Lots of Photos: Photos are moments and memories frozen in time that can be used to reminisce, remember and laugh at later in life. Whether you use a 35MM camera or Instagram, capture those precious moments whenever possible.

Travel as a Family: Travel can be a trip across town to the museum, or across the country to foreign land. Take the time to plan a trip as a family, book it early, supply your kids with cameras and keep the fun activities coming. Travel is a great way to explore our world and create family memories.

Say “I Love” As Often as You Can: Just like compliments, saying “I Love You” doesn’t hurt or cost money. Say it freely and often!

Share a Hobby: Whether it’s cooking, rollerblading, crafting or dancing; hobbies shared between parent and child not only makes the whole experience richer, it creates awesome memories that last a lifetime.


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1 thought on “10 Things to do with Your Kids Before They Grow Up

  1. Rebecca,

    As I read this list I was thinking these are wonderful things to do with your children, but who says they need to stop when they grow up? Sure, I guess the everyday routine stuff will go away but we can still pretty much do all of this as they get older.

    But I do want to say, you won’t do them when they are older if you don’t establish them when they are younger. I think that foundation really helps to continue enjoying your children no matter what age (yes, that includes the grouchy teen years, lol.)

    Thank you for reminding me I need to cherish my kids.


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