A Multicultural Book Helping Kids Deal with Divorce

You may best know Tiffney Cambridge best from her hit VH1 series “Marrying The Game,” most people may not be aware that this wildly talented mother of two is not only a teacher, but an author!

She has been an educator teaching inner city youth in the Inglewood Unified School District for over 17 years. A graduate of the University of Southern California, Tiffney has earned her Masters degree in Multicultural Education. She currently teaches third grade. She has two children, son King Justice age 7, and daughter Calilynn Dream age 4.

Tiffney has recently released her new children’s book titled The Little Girl Who Lost Her Smile.

Tiffney Cambridge

The Little Girl Who Lost Her Smile is a glimpse into the heart of Treasure, a once happy little girl whose family experiences separation. The story explores the many emotions that can arise as children question whether they will be happy again as the bonds of family are tested. This wonderful book provides reassurance and comfort to children experiencing divorce or separation.

The Little Girl Who Lost her Smile

The Little Girl Who Lost Her Smile video interview

I absolutely loved this gorgeous  book and I also like how Tiffney has created this to not only be a useful tool for families struggling with separation and divorce, but also as a keepsake book. This book is hardcover, high quality and even has a “This Book Belongs To” page for kids to add their name and call it their own forever. The mission of this book is to help little ones cope with the occurrence of divorce or separation in their home. During these tough times, when a wee one may lose their smile, they can rest assured that they will get it back. I highly recommend this book for anyone with young children who are dealing with this circumstance in life. Visit Tiffney via her website here.

Grab your copy of this beautiful hardcover book here.

**I was given a free copy of the book to review. The opinions expressed are purely my own. Some of these links are affiliate links.

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