Doing 50 Nice Things for ME Before I Turn 50

50 Nice things for Me

50 Nice things for Me

Soooo….I was having a little mental difficulty with the fact that I will be turning the big “5-0” on November 30th.

“Difficulty” as in cry-everyday-and-be-filled-with-dread kind of “difficulty.”

I am not 100% sure where this sadness stems from, but I will figure it out. But because was feeling lower than whale poop, I decided I would do something nice for myself every day (during the days leading up to this momentous event) to celebrate this milestone and try to put a positive spin on it in my head.

So I came up with a project I call “50 Nice Things for ME before I Turn 50.” The idea was to do one nice thing for me every day.

The reason is two-fold:

  1. I need all the support I can get (I rarely ask for help or kudos…RARELY)
  2. To give others the idea and vision on doing nice things for themselves everyday.

Here’s a few examples of some of my Nice Things

New boots


A walk with a good friend

Lunch with a bestie

Breakfast with a bestie


A little Mandela coloring book time


The idea was to be KIND TO ME….actually something every mama should do every day of the year, not just the weeks before their birthday.

Your “nice things” don’t have to be expensive as you can see from my list. Some of my greatest pleasures were simply walking with a friend or doing a little adult coloring. Your “nice thing” could be time to read a book, sleeping in a little later than usual or even buying yourself a single rose.

The idea is to honor your majesty as a woman and celebrate the cool chick that you are. Every day.

I hope this inspires you to do #50NiceThingsx50 (you can search this hashtag on Facebook for the full scoop).


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