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MCCBD 2016 Classroom Reading Challenge

Attention K-8th Teachers! Get a FREE Diversity Book for Your Class!

MCCBD Classroom Reading Challenge
2016 Multicultural Children’s Book Day Classroom Reading Challenge begins November 1, 2015!

Multicultural Children’s Book Day Classroom Reading Challenge is a special project connected to Multicultural Children’s Book Day (1/27/16) that gives classrooms the opportunity to earn a FREE Diversity Book for their class!
Teachers: We want to help you build your classroom library with diverse, inclusive and multicultural books! Here’s how to get a free book through Multicultural Children’s Book Day during the month of January. Teachers and classrooms can also win a Skype author visit with a children’s book author and the drawing will be made from the pool of teachers who signed up before 1/27/16. {author to be announced} This special project is free of charge to all teachers and schools and helps MCCBD achieve their mission of getting multicultural books into the hands of young readers and teachers.

What is it:

The Classroom Reading Challenge is a new project for us but it is a way for teachers to sign up, read up to four multicultural books in their classroom and earn a free multicultural book from us.

All Books are pre-screened and approved by the Junior Library Guild: Having Junior Library Guild on board assures that the free book that classrooms earn from MCCBD is a pre-screened, library-quality book that maps to Common Core. This is a HUGE and exciting benefit for this project.

Junior Library Guild

The MCCBD team would like to take a moment to say a huge “Thank You!” to Junior Library Guild, for allowing us to tap into their collection of library-quality books for kids. Their development and book review service relied upon by thousands of schools and public libraries and we are grateful they are sponsoring Multicultural Children’s Book Day Classroom Reading Challenge by donating the books for the classrooms!
The Junior Library Guild editorial team reviews more than 3,000 new titles each year, in manuscript or prepublication stage. They have a keen sense for finding the best of the best. Over 95 percent of their selections go on to receive awards and/or favorable reviews.

Here are some of the books that teachers can earn and win as part of our Multicultural Children’s Book Day Classroom Reading Challenge:

Multicultural Children’s Book Day Classroom Reading Challenge BOOKS YOU CAN EARN (Partial List)
A New Year’s Reunion by Yu Li-Qiong
This poignant, vibrantly illustrated tale, which won the prestigious Feng Zikai Chinese Children’s Picture Book Award in 2009, is sure to resonate with every child who misses relatives when they are away — and shows how a family’s love is strong enough to endure over time and distance. [picture book, ages 2 and up]



Martina una cucarachita muy linda: Un cuento cubano by Carmen Agra Deedy
A sweet and witty retelling of the Cuban folktale, you’ll never look at a cockroach the same way again. [bilingual in Spanish picture book, ages 4 and up]


Abuelos by Pat Mora
In this delightful story two young children, Ray and Amelia, discover an old New Mexican tradition — ‘los abuelos’ — for the first time. [picture book, ages 4 and up]


The Magic Horse of Han Gan by Chen Jiang Hong
A well-known painter himself, Chen Jiang Hong introduces Han Gan, a ninth-century Chinese artist, who painted horses so realistically, they seemed to jump off the page. In this story, they really do come alive [picture book, ages 4 and up]


Yatandou by Gloria Whelan
Yatandou lives in a Mali village with her family and neighbors. And though she is only eight years old and would much rather play with her pet goat, she must sit with the women and pound millet kernels. [picture book, ages, 6 and up]


How Tía Lola Learned to Teach by Julia Alvarez
Tía Lola has been invited to teach Spanish at her niece and nephew’s elementary school. But Miguel wants nothing to do with the arrangement. He hasn’t had an easy time adjusting to his new school in Vermont and doesn’t like living so far away from Papi, who has a new girlfriend and an announcement to make. On the other hand, Miguel’s little sister, Juanita, can’t wait to introduce her colorfully dressed aunt —that is, if she can stop getting distracted long enough to remember to do so. Before long, Tía Lola is organizing a Spanish treasure hunt and a Carnaval fiesta at school. Will Miguel be willing to join the fun? [chapter book, 8 and up]


Pemba Sherpa by Olga Cossi
An exquisitely illustrated story of a brother and his younger sister facing a life-threatening and life-changing landslide. Pemba and his younger sister Yang Ki both yearn for roles as guides and porters to the high country of the Himalayas. While such a goal is well within Pemba’s reach, his seven-year-old sister faces an obstacle, mainly because girls aren’t encouraged, let alone accepted, as porters or guides. When he and Yang Ki are caught in a landslide, both brother and sister reach beyond their perceived limitations to regain safety as well as alter viewpoints about societal roles. [picture book, ages 7 and up]


The Dragon’s Child: A Story of Angel Island by Laurence Yep
Ten-year-old Gim Lew Yep knows that he must leave his home in China and travel to America with the father who is a stranger to him. Gim Lew doesn’t want to leave behind everything that he’s ever known. But he is even more scared of disappointing his father. He uses his left hand, rather than the “correct” right hand; he stutters; and most of all, he worries about not passing the strict immigration test administered at Angel Island. [chapter book, ages 10 and up]


Mexican Immigrants in America by Rachael Hanel
Everything in this book happened to real people. And YOU CHOOSE what side you’re on and what you do next. The choices you make could lead you to survival or to death. In the You Choose Books set, only YOU can CHOOSE which path you take through history. What will it be? Get ready for an adventure. [nonfiction, ages 10 and up]


Blessing’s Bead by Debby Dahl Edwardson
Two distinct teenage voices pull readers into the native world of northern Alaska in this beautifully crafted and compelling debut novel. [young adult, ages 12 and up]


My Name Is Not Easy by Debby Dahl Edwardson
Luke knows his Iñupiaq name is full of sounds white people can’t say. So he leaves it behind when he and his brothers are sent to boarding school hundreds of miles away from their Arctic village. Here, speaking Iñupiaq—or any native language—is forbidden. And Father Mullen, whose fury is like a force of nature, is ready to slap down those who disobey. Luke struggles to survive at Sacred Heart. But he’s not the only one. There’s smart-aleck Amiq, a daring leader— if he doesn’t self-destruct; Chickie, blond and freckled, a different kind of outsider; and small, quiet Junior, noticing everything and writing it all down. They each have their own story to tell. But once their separate stories come together, things at Sacred Heart School—and the wider world—will never be the same. [young adult, ages 12 and up]


How to Get Started:

Multicultural Children’s Book Day: Diversity Classroom Reading Challenge for Teachers was created to be a streamlined and simple way to encourage the reading of diversity titles while earning a special multicultural book for your classroom.  GO HERE for what to expect and to sign up your classroom.

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