New Year’s Resolutions for Entrepreneurs (and a tool that will knock their socks off)

book publishing PLR

I know you are hustling & bustling around trying to get everything ready for the upcoming fresh, shining New Year so I will make this short and sweet.

Well, kinda short….but definitely sweet.

As an entrepreneur and work from home pro, I am always looking for the work-around. You, know the things/tools/secret sauce/ninja secrets that keep my business and blog humming along without sucking the life/soul/hours from me.

PLR is a “ninja secret” that has been on my radar for years and I have some to rely on it a ton for kick-arse content here on Franticmommy. PLR is basically pre-created content for blog posts or email newsletters that are the “bones” of a topic. If I want to write a blog post on email marketing, working from home, dream boards (yada yada yada) the core info is always the same (what dreams board are, how they become popular etc.) This templated “bones” of content saves me hours of research time and is just enough quality info that I have to do is add my own intro and “flava” here and there and presto; I have an great blog post ready to rock in only a few minutes. AND…the cost is always crazy-low. Far less than my time is worth is I spend an hour+ trying to piece together an intelligent blog post.

There are only a few specific places I buy my PLR from. I am picky and don’t want crap written by a non-English speaker that I have to toil over to edit and proofread.

Lucky for me, I can now add one more high-quality source to my PLR roster 🙂

My friend, Jacqueline Myers, is preparing to launch her new business, Phoenix PLR, and to celebrate, she’s offering an amazing taste of what’s in store for us in January. I just had to share it with you right away! {Oh, did I mention it’s free?}

Phoenix PLR

As you know, self-publishing books is a huge phenomenon right now. Online entrepreneurs of all types are writing and publishing their own books to grow their authority, increase their traffic and double their passive income! Jacqueline has created a complete package of content and graphics on the book publishing topic to help you get the facts to your loyal readers while making it easy for you to do so.

Jacqueline is a college writing professor turned online entrepreneur. She is the owner and writing expert at Nitty-Gritty English, where she provides academic writing tips to reluctant college writers. In July, she self-published her top-selling book, Your Online College Course Survival Guide, and she now offers other online entrepreneurs her writing expertise at I’ve known Jacqueline for over two years and know that she knows her writing stuff; it’s a no-brainer for me to get behind whatever new writing project she has going on because I know the quality she provides.

book publishing PLR

Here’s what’s inside the free PLR bundle:

  • 10 blog posts
  • 10 gorgeous graphics with .psd files included for easy editing
  • 10 easy-to-brand photos
  • 20 engaging social media updates (“tweets”)


Click here to get the full details

So bloggers, with this PLR pack you’ll have the posts you need to give your readers the info they want and save yourself a ton of time…all for free!

This is a pre-launch promotion for her new business, so it won’t last long. I just got my bundle and wanted to make sure you didn’t miss this great freebie. Make sure to grab yours today too so you can get started helping your tribe succeed in the book publishing marketplace.

Make this coolio offering the first step in streamlining your blogging biz in 2016! Git ‘er done 🙂


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