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Working From Home: A Coupla Ninja Tips to Ensure You Stay Sane

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It’s been a llllooonnnggg week. I think I lost a chunk of brain cells around Tuesday…for sure by Wednesday. BUT today is a new day and even my worst day at home is better than my best day when I worked 9-5 for The Man.

Is it luck? Nope, it’s good planning and a few non negotiable that keep my biz humming along and moving forward. Here are a Coupla Ninja Tips to Ensure You Stay Sane (and Successful) while rocking the work-from-home-life.


1. Plan Your Work: Work Your Plan:

Take Your Business’ Temperature Often: What is it you are doing right? What is not working. Is this client the best for my business? Before you spend months floundering along only to find you left money on the day ( a low paying client, or time wasted on a “fun” project that did not generate income) take a hard look at your business and it’s processes monthly. Do you know how much you makes a day…on any given day.

2. Remember to Never Forget the Client is #1:

I am not saying be at their beck-and-call 24/7, but I am saying be available, and be problem-solver. If a client says “I need help with ______” and your response is “sorry, I don’t know how to do_____” and leave it at that…EPIC.FAIL.  I prefer to never give my clients a reason to look elsewhere for help. Instead say, “I’ll check into it”  and then Google or ask another mompreneur for help and guidance.

3.Multiple Streams of income:

As a VA or freelancer you are somewhat limited by the number of hours in the day, but there are ways around this. Even when one portion of my business makes me want to snatch myself bald, I know I have several others humming along and makes money. My advice is to cultivate those multiple streams and be prospecting for new clients, affiliate and income even when you are losing-your-mind-busy.

4. Know when to fold ’em and know when to hold ’em: I recently had to step aside from client work with a particular client of mine. The micro=managing was making me insane and I could not ignore the fact my internal gut radar (a.k.a The Shady Meter) clanged loudly every time I worked with the person. To add a degree of difficulty to the situation, it was right before Christmas. I really needed to dig deep, put aside the “but you need to $$” voices in my head and set away gracefully from this client. It was hard. It hurt. BUT, when one door closes=another opens and usually that one is a MUCH better door.

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