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How to Rock 2016 even BIGGER (and inspiration from a Minion)

As I sit plucking away at my keyboard keys, I have to pause just one teensy momentito to smile at some of the new things on my desk (thanks to gifts from Small Humans). Those hand drawn pictures, cards and crafts are always the Best.Gifts.Ever.


But I also am noticing that everywhere I look and read, planning info on how to make 2016 “bigger and better” is abundant.

And I’m glad.

Everyone should have hope and anticipation for what the new 12 months will bring. It’s those kinds of things that get us out of bed in the morning.

My 2015 was filled with highs and low, happiness and lots of tears (more on that at another time). I really think, as corny as the minions are, this image truly sums up where I am at Right.At.This.Moment.


The word “Harvest” is my “word” for 2016 as well, by the way. Completely inspired by this sweet little minion.

One thing I have learned from mentor and savvy mama Leonie Dawson, that to embrace the coming New Year, we need to recap and have a Closing Ceremony for 2015.  “Here’s the place where we muck it up. We set of NEW resolutions, our New goals, and our NEW dreams without ever taking stock, coming to terms with and clearing all the days and months that have gone before us.“-Leonie Dawson

Here are a few of my highlights and a peek at Franticmommy’s Closing Ceremony (and Celebration!) of 2015:

I turned 50. That, you may say, is no big deal. But it WAS a big deal for me and I cried and fretted for WEEKS. I am not 100% where this dread stemmed from, but I do know I was not embracing this change at all. More like fighting it tooth and nail. My solution to help put a positive spin on the event, and get my head on straight, was this.

50 Nice things for Me

I helped with a huge project known as Moms Rock Expo. And met some amazing people in the process.


I continued to do the work I love the most (magazine article writing) for many, many exceptional magazines and again, I’ve gotten to interview some pretty darn inspiring women.

Nancy Shaw Elium

My love of children’s books, literacy and working with the non-profit Multicultural Children’s Book Day has allowed me opportunities and joy that I would have never imagine. I’m looking forward rocking Year Three of this amazing event for young readers (1/27/16).


How about you? Were there ups and downs for you as well? Are you facing 2016 with excitement? Is your head buzzing with goals and ideas to up your game in the New Year?

If you are one of the many who want to Rock.It in 2016, here’s some past info from me that may possibly help. Enjoy!


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The 2016 Create Your Shining Year Biz & Life Workbooks Are HERE!


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The Create Your Shining Life Workbooks for 2016 are READY and I hear that they are already running low. Leonie has made it very clear she is not reprinting so I think it’s best to get this workbook into your business and life planning project ASAP.

Leonie dawson Create your Shining Year

Are you a real “go-getter?” Or maybe you are someone who is going through some turmoil and transition could use some extra guidance? Not only is the Workbook and Planner a breath of fresh air like no other, it is an amazing companion and tool for anyone looking to really rock the coming year. I just received my 2016 version after completely loving and using (daily) my 2015 Shining Life and Business Workbook. This book would make a killer gift for anyone on your Christmas list, but I advise you to NOT wait. Not only are supplies limited, when Leonie runs out there will not be a second printing (plus they take about 2 weeks to get due to demand). Leonie also offers enhanced online “academies” and I am currently taking the Shining Life & Biz Academy (yes, I am SERIOUS about ROCKING 2016) and I am loving it to bits so far. Yet another great gift for the female entrepreneur in your world.
Get the scoop on the Leonie magic HERE.
Leonie Dawson Create Your Shining Year

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  1. Becky, you had an awesome year and I enjoyed seeing your “50 posts”. I too cried many tears so I’ll be looking forward to my harvest as well! 😉 happy New Year bloggy buddy from up North!

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