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The Struggle with Night Terrors is Real-Lully Sleep Guardian

The other day, we were all sitting around our living room reminiscing with the kids about their baby/toddler years. As you can imagine there was lots of giggling and razzing going on, but one thing hubs and I agreed that we were GLAD we were past was the time when our oldest, Jake, suffered from night terrors as a toddler.

Needless to say, those months were long and frustrating for us as parents. His night terrors were a weekly occurrence and we felt powerless to help our little guy navigate this difficult time. Luckily he outgrew it after about a year (it was a long year!).

What are Night Terrors?

Night terrors are a condition where a child is suddenly roused from deep sleep and appears to be extremely scared or upset.

  • During these episodes Children often scream and are very frightened and confused. The child may not be able to respond to being talked to, comforted, or awakened.
  • The episodes can last anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour and can occur nightly, though most children won’t remember what happened once morning hits.

night terrors


According to the National Sleep Foundation, 36 million children experience sleep disorders on a weekly basis.

  • Night terrors occur in children between the ages of 18 months to 12 years of age. They are different from nightmares in that the episodes can’t be stopped and happen within 3 ­ 4 hours of falling asleep.
  • More than four million U.S. children suffer from night terrors at any given time.
  • In the United States, 1 out of 5 children will suffer from night terrors at some point in their lives.
  • It is estimated that nearly 25% of children age 2-12 will experience night terrors.
  • Studies show that when just one child in a family suffers night terrors, the entire family is affected due to sleep disruption, cumulative sleep deprivation, and related anxiety.

Recently, I just so happened to stumble across this awesome product and my first thought was, “I wish this was available twelve years ago!” Lully Sleep Guardian has a mission help children and families sleep better.

The Lully Sleep Guardian is the first scientifically proven, non-medication night terrors solution that will help your child sleep peacefully throughout the night. Developed by a physician and father, along with a medical device expert, the Lully Sleep Guardian brings clinically validated scheduled awakening principle at your finger tips.


  • Proven to reduce night terrors by 80%
  • Control from your phone without disrupting your child’s sleep
  • Personalized algorithm based on your child’s sleep patterns
  • Automatic reminders to track your child’s progress at night and every morning
  • Access to-night terror experts 24/7 to answer any questions by email

What is Lully?

  • Lully is a San Francisco-based smart sleep device company that creates innovative sleep devices and smart apps to help children and their families sleep better.
  • Founded in 2014 by Stanford Biodesign fellows Dr. Andy Rink, MD and Varun Boriah, Lully offers the world’s only scientifically proven solution to ending night terrors in children.
  • Rink has a personal family history of night terrors, and it was the experience of watching his young nephew suffer from a night terror that led to the founding of Lully.

How does the Lully Sleep Guardian work?

  • The Lully Sleep Guardian is the first and only product proven to combat night terrors.
  • The Lully Sleep Guardian and Sleep Guardian Plus is the size of a hockey puck and is placed under a child’s mattress. With input from a parent’s smartphone each night, Lully’s enhanced smart algorithm learns your child’s sleep patterns and predicts when they are about to enter a zone of “unhealthy deep sleep” that can lead to night terrors.
  • Each night, before the night terrors occur, the Lully system sends a brief vibration from under the mattress to gently bring the child out of their unhealthy deep sleep so that their night terror is prevented, but sleep remains undisturbed.

Clinical Testing

  • A six month Stanford University clinical sleep study found that the Lully Sleep Guardian prevented 9 out of 10 night terrors in children ages 2 to 9, and reduced night terrors in children overall by nearly 80%.
  • Through extensive research and over 10,000 nights of testing with families across the US, the Lully Sleep Guardian has been proven to stop night terrors after only four weeks of use.
  • The majority of parents started seeing immediate results within the first week.

Seriously, only parents of children with nigh terrors will understand the value and important of having the Lully Sleep Guardian at their disposal. To learn more, go here to get the scoop and get back on the road to a better night's sleep for everyone.

**I am an affiliate for Lully which means, if you click through and buy, I get a teeny tiny commission at no extra cost to you 🙂


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