Feeling stuck? Keep fighting on

Do you feel like you are on track with your career, business or life goals?

That’s a biggee isn’t it? I would venture to bet that most of you have hit a stopping point, lost direction or are struggling to get out of the Land of STUCK.

No worries if you are, I’ve been there too (many times). The good news is that it is fixable!

Whatever your present situation is don’t let the frustration of feeling stuck or directionless overtake your hunger to succeed. A ninja secret that I have used to shake free of this “stinkin thinkin” is to reflect on how far I’ve have come not only success-wise, but also emotionally, spiritually and physically.

I even keep an Everyday Miracles Jar (filled with little slips of paper with my good deeds, happy thoughts and victories) on my desk, along with my “word” of the year, to remind me that I AM doing well and I am making progress.


SO, what have you done well at so far this year? These accomplishments don’t have to be monumental, they can be subtle. Have you made a lifestyle change and stuck to it? Have you researched a new business idea or had lunch with a mentor or friend who you’ve been out of touch with? Maybe your accomplishments ARE big and you’ve started your own business, created a blog or developed an exciting product or technique. Even if the process feels like it is taking forever, take the time to celebrate how far that process has come.

But don’t spend too long looking to the past but instead keep your eyes on the future. If you feel like you are drifting or falling off course, ask yourself where do I want to be? Refresh your mind on the “what” and “why” that made you set out on whatever journey you are on, set objectives and establish a plan to ensure you can get back on track. Success breeds more success and once you revisit why you are doing what you’ve dreamed of doing, more success will come your way. Don’t give up. Keep fighting on.

Do you have a mentor or coach to help propel you forward?  If not, I’d love to work with you to help you achieve your goals and get you back on track. I’ve had the pleasure of being hired as a mentor and coach by several ambitious entrepreneurial women over the last six months and it is work I truly enjoy doing. If your goals are beginning to flounder and feel confusing, I’d love to help you clear through the muck, get clear and give you the tools to propel forward.  Just fire me off an email and we can set up a time to chat.

You got this!


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