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Small blog BIG income

Ever wish you could figure out how to make money from your blog even though you are brand spankin new, just starting out or your readership is just not growing as fast as you would like?

To be honest, I’ve been blogging actively for over nine years and I STILL wish I could gain more traction and grow my readership. It’s a slow process, but I am picking up steam every day 🙂

When it come to making some jing, I feel like a student of monetizing blogs because I have spent YEARS investigating and testing ways to do just that. One major thing I have discovered in my ongoing blogging research is that much of the making-money-with-your-blog-advice out there right now is coming from bloggers who have 100K views PER MONTH.

Of course it’s easier to make money with ads and affiliates when you have a bajillion eyeballs on your content. Kinda not fair to the new blogs or the blogs like Franticmommy that have an “OK” readership.

BUT…there’s is a solution…

Carol Tice is the creator of Make a Living Writing site and she is a wealth of info. Carol just came out with a new e-book called, Small Blog, BIG INCOME and it is a treasure trove of amazing blogging info that will help small to mid-sized bloggers make money with their site.

In the SMALL BLOG, BIG INCOME ebook, Carol lays out the exact step-by-step formula she used to launch and build her Make a Living Writing blog, which now earns multi-six figures each year.

After I bought this delightful e-book for the crazy-low prices of $6.99 (I think normal price is like $30) I snuggled in with my laptop, a cup-o-tea and read…and read… and learned…and paused to go make changes on Franticmommy…read some more.
You get the point.
It was VERY good information for those of us in the blogosphere who have small to modest readerships. And it reinforced the fact that it IS possible to make money with your blog even if you are just starting out. SO, if you have a blog, or are toying with the idea of starting one, grab Small Blog, BIG INCOME while it’s still at the “launch price” of $6.99. Carol has other excellent programs of e-books as well.
Grab your copy of this ebook during the launch week sale ASAP. Even if you are not blogging yet, I’d grab this and keep it handy for future reference. Yeah, it’s that good.

Small Blog Big Income - Learn More about the eBook

Happy blogging!

**These links are affiliate links. This means if you click through and buy this ebook, I get a tiny commission at no extra cost to you. Kinda like a very small finders fee. 🙂

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