Invoice Clients like a Boss

I’m good at many things, but bookkeeping is not one of those things.

Basically, I am bookkeeping illiterate. A scary prospect for a business owner. I tried using QuickBooks, but for someone who can barely balance a checkbook, it was mind-bending, cumbersome and frustrating. Check out this comparision between QB and Freshbooks-pretty interesting.

FreshBooks vs QuickBooks

My only options were to hire help, or try to find something simpler than my wee brain could handle. A fellow freelancer suggested Freshbooks and at first, I admit the sight of the word “accounting” made my palms sweat. But once I dug in, it was exactly what my business was looking for!

Freshbooks is an amazing system to keep track of your hours and your clients. At the end of the billing cycle, all it takes is a few clicks and Freshbooks will tally your hours/projects/rates and fire an invoice off to your client via email. You can receive payments for your invoices via Freshbooks to and I really love their time tracking reports that helps me make sure I am not going over my billable hours budget with clients.

Freshbooks is free if you have 3 or less clients . But even as your business grow, Freshbooks can grow with you witghout breaking the bank!

The Big Impact of Small Businesses

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FreshBooks Cloud Accounting - Free Trial

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