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Happy World Read Aloud Day! (with a little help from Gus The Traveler) #WRAD17

world read aloud day

Read Aloud. Change the World.

World Read Aloud Day

Celebrate World Read Aloud Day by reading aloud and taking action on behalf of the 758 million people who cannot read.

World Read Aloud Day motivates children, teens, and adults to celebrate the power of words.  This global literacy movement is about taking action to show the world that the right to read and write belongs to all people.  World Read Aloud Day asks everyone to celebrate the day by grabbing a book, finding an audience, and reading out loud.

Let’s Celebrate!

Author Yvette Pais has a great idea of celebrating World Read Aloud day in the most visual of ways!


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Here’s one of my wild monkeys reading a beautiful book from Barefoot Books.

World Read Aloud Day

P.S I LOVE Yvette’s multicultural book, I Want To Be too 🙂

multicultural book

This book and these 3 are at the top of my Read Aloud List for 2017

Hoppameleon by Paul Geraghty



This book was a “family tradition” read for years. When both of my kids were in K-4, on their birthday’s I would go to there class and read this book. In the story, a small frog doesn’t know “what” he is so he goes about asking all the animals he encounters what he is. As he progresses, his name gets longer and more silly. The kids I read to would squeal with laughter when I kept falling over my tongue trying to say these crazy words! Good times 🙂




Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born by Jamie Lee Curtis

adoption book


Our oldest is adopted so I would read this story to him all the time. Such a sweet story about adoption and Jake and I would always have fun pointing out the MANY baby bottles all over the house. Thanks Jamie Lee!




Percy Jackson SeriesOK…maybe this one seems a little out of place I assure you it’s not. I read most of these series aloud with my then 12 year-old son and it was a special time I know we both cherish. PLUS that series is incredibly good! I think maybe people think Reading Aloud is only for The Littles. I think it can we a special and helpful activity for all ages. And it was fun pretending we were all DemiGods for awhile 🙂





Here’s a link to a great PDF on activities and ideas on how to celebrate World Read Aloud Day.

World Read Aloud Day

Helpful websites

  • LitWorld
    This website is for an organization that works to cultivate literacy leaders worldwide with teachers, parents, community members, and children to support the development of sustainable literacy practices across the world.  This website provides information about World Read Aloud Day and an opportunity to share any activities using a blog or website.
  • National Center for Literacy Eduction
    This website contains information about literacy and offers cases and vignettes from school teams that are “building the organizational conditions and teaching practices that support literacy learning in every classroom”.
  • International Literacy Association
    This website is for a network of individuals and institutions committed to worldwide literacy.  This site can be used for more information about literacy instruction and Global Literacy.
  • National Center for Families Learning
    This website contains resources, information, and strategies for improving family literacy.
  • The Global Literacy Challenge
    This document studies youth and adult literacy worldwide from 2003 to 2012.  The research discusses the status of literacy, equity, policies, evidence, and funding.  This document can be used for background information on the Global Literacy Movement.

Happy reading 🙂

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  1. Reading aloud with children is so, so important. Not only does it expose them to new vocabulary and support language development, it’s a wonderful bonding experience, and helps reinforce the idea of reading as a positive, enjoyable experience. Glad to see it being championed, and with older children, too!

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