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A Fast-Paced #YA Fantasy Book from a very interesting Minnesota Author

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Growing up I lovedJames Herroit books. Tales of this country vet who roamed the Yorkshire Dales back in the 40’s and 50s, treating every patient that came his way from smallest to largest, and observing animals and humans alike with his keen, loving eye made ME want to be a veterinarian when I grew up.

But I didn’t follow that passion and often wonder what it would be like if I did. To this day a love of nurturing animals is right up there with my love of books. Imagine how giddy I was when I discovered books from Melissa “M.G.” Nelson. Not only is she a veterinarian, she’s an author….AND a Minnesotan!

That’s is the ultimate trifecta of AWESOME in my world.

M.G. entered my radar thanks to a post in a LinkedIn Children’s Book Author group courtesy of her marketing person, Joan Holman. I can’t completely remember what Joan shared, but I do recall it was about M.G.’s latest release, The Telling Mirror; a YA book with a cool Other World/fantasy spin. Then I read about M.G as a person and was HOOKED.

M.G. Nelson

“My life’s work is caring for animals and the environment, and I’m extremely grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to steward a farm raising beef cattle in a sustainable manner and that I work as a veterinarian. When I’m not busy wrangling cattle and cats on my farm and at my veterinary clinic, I spend my time writing books. Writing is a skill that I love to work on perfecting. I have authored three nonfiction books about small farms and poultry, written numerous articles on pet and livestock health, and I have written and published two novels.”-M.G. Nelson

Her book The Telling Mirror is completely amaze-balls too and super action-packed. A great YA book about a modern day trouble teen who is thrust into a world not unlike Lord of the Rings. Tons of complex characters (but they all made sense) and mind-blowing detail. I have little bookmarks everywhere in this book because the author shares (through her characters) some pretty profound thoughts about fear and even the greed of our modern times. I seriously want to read this book again. 🙂 Highly recommend!

The Telling Mirror

Sig Erickson is 13, lonely and angry. Her mom is in treatment, her dad is MIA and with no other options, she finds herself stuck at her uncle Dan’s farm in South Dakota. Hellbent on being a rebellious teen, Sig unfortunately finds herself under a collapsed barn on the farm. While trying to escape, she falls through a portal which brings her into a different dimension, a strange world filled with gruesome creatures, dangerous centaurs and gracious and magical fairies and butterflies.

She finds herself not alone when she bumps into Reggie, who she at first doesn’t recognize to be her own cat from her life back on the farm, as he’s changed into a boy. Sig soon finds that she has a special power which is prized in this strange world. She can see images, people and present happenings through a piece of mirror which she found during her dangerous journey. Throughout the story, the pair stick together in this dark and mysterious world, each on their own mission leading them into outlandish towns and landscapes and meeting bizarre and entertaining characters. Join them on their journey through the most unexpected and nail-biting twists and turns, which will keep you on the edge of your seat, longing to know what happens next in the chapters to follow.

Did I mention that The Telling Mirror is a really good fantasy that appeals to young adults and adults alike? I seriously can’t wait for Book #2 of this series.

M.G. does such a amazing job weaving together the speech and mannerisms of a modern-day tween/teen while providing exquisite detail about these fantasy cultures that have fun reflections of Swedish and Scandinavian heritages. For me, the whole book was awesome but I especially appreciate the real-life teen issues that were cleverly discussed in a very empowering and positive way. At one point in the story, Sig laments to an old sailor how she hates her hair and appearance (not unlike most 13 year olds that I know) and the man responds with a gentle lesson and the words, “You are a beauty to sore eyes. You are a strong, worthy girl.”

When Sig disagrees, the man counters with “My dear, what you over yourself, you will become. You mustn’t say {bad things}about your given body. Do you not know that your biggest battle is in your thoughts?”

As I read this, I pictured my own insecure daughter reading these same words and taking comfort in these thoughts. I admit I said a quick prayer that other grils who read this books will find these nuggets of gold comforting as well. There are many more of these affirmation-type words of wisdom within this story as well. I won’t spoil the surprise though. They are smoothly woven into this action-packed adventure-you just need to be aware they are there.

SO…I could go on for days about this book, but the bottom line is that it is very good; a book I would highly recommend to YA readers and adults alike. Grab your copy of The Telling Mirror on Amazon here.

{click to tweet} “Good books, travel and solid friends keep things REAL.”- M.G. Nelson #YA Author of The Telling Mirror

P.S. Visiting/Meeting M.G. is now on my Bucket List! (no pressure M.G. 🙂

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  1. Your introduction to this post made me smile – I grew up obsessed with James Herriot, too!! I love this idea that you can be many things at once – you can be a vet and a writer, or an accountant and a poet, or a teacher and singer! We can all have different aspects to our lives, and different creative outlets or pursuits!

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