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My Mom-Alone-Time Dream Shopping Scenario

Any mom will tell you that, even though we love our kids to bits, there is something invigorating and empowering about shopping ALONE.

Alone as in “no-kids-I-am-all-by-my-lovely-self” shopping. It’s damn near euphoric.

We are better shoppers too. More savvy. More purposeful. We can actually stand, contemplate, and finish a thought thus getting the best deal on which TP based on brand, number of rolls, and footage.

We glide through the store with the greatest of ease. Scoring deals, locating items with no problem, and even walking into the Nirvana of The Clearance Section without being directed by staff who are as harried as we are.

We loiter. We dawdle. We savor.

This of course is the polar opposite to Our Real Selves which is kid-toting and racing through the stores at light-speed. Our child-packed shopping cart transforms to a Land Speeder as we attempt to get through the store quickly and not prolong the agony any longer than we have to.

We do all this while strategically avoiding the Toy Section and The Electronics Departments….thus avoiding Greasy Tantrums/Meltdowns.

We pause at nothing and attempt to fill our list with the laser focus of a military sharpshooter. We master the art of “snatch and grab” as we shoot by the aspirin, frozen food, and cereal areas.

Coupons? Yeah, well those are back on the kitchen counter along with the last shred of sanity as our beloved cherubs beg, squirm and bicker their way through the bubble bath section, opting for the Disney Princess Head one that has the fluid ounces of VISINE® and the price tag of Dom Perignon.

As they busy themselves bickering over the stray pack of Silly Bands that some random knucklehead left in that section, I race to pet food section praying the ONE KIND of food our dog eats is in stock and on sale. 

I glance around at my fellow shopping-with-kids- moms and we all look frazzled, harried and firmly fit into the category of Disheveled WAHMS and STAHM.

Exhausted and defeated we head for checkout. Though I have 52 items, I head for the 20 Items Or Less lane cuz..well..there’s no one in that line and I need to “get the eff outta here.” And those 52 items? I only had 15 things on my list. WTH?

SO..let’s look at this closer. What would My Mom-Alone-Time Dream Shopping Scenario be like? Granted this may never..well..of of course it won’t ever happen, but I prefer to remain in denial optimistic.

My Mom-Alone-Time Dream Shopping Scenario

It’s 6 am and I have the A store employee greets me at the door with a steaming cup of coffee; one that doesn’t taste like dirt and has jjjuussstttt the right amount of vanilla flavored creamer and fake sugar. Oh yeah…and a brick of Dove Dark Chocolate on the side.

I am not longer a Disheveled WAHM but instead I am cool, calm, classy and chic. And I have cash (that’s a lot of Cs).

Another staffer takes my list and in moments reorganizes it according to store layout, directs me to sale areas and even slips me a map to a secret Clearance Section that I can de-virginize. This same employee whispers in my ear that everything is said Clearance Section is 90% off as long as I am in the store. The cherry of my Insider Information is a complimentary Uber Awesome Money Saving Coupons.

Boo-yah, baby.

As I round the corner of Aisle 4, I see and enjoy a free chair massage. Did I mention my massage person is a gorgeous hunk of beefsteak who is giving massages shirtless?


After loitering, pondering, trying on clothes (that all look great on me AND are on clearance) and feasting on an endless buffet of free food samples, I am offered a choice of a the use of a golf cart or a foot massage. They obviously know this is a BIG store and an even BIGGER dream sequence so I opt for the golf cart.

As I finish up my leisurely shopping I’m offered the chance to use the store’s new Parental Nap Room where I (while my shopping bounty is guarded by armed guards) nap on a uber-soft heated bed that smells of roses and money. Soft music plays in the background.

NO hurries. No worries.

Then it’s on to the check-out area where my heaping TWO cartloads of merchandise is tallied and professionally bagged. Thanks to coupons, rebates, and the fact I AM so freakin’ awesome, my $400 merchandise bill is reduced to $25 and I leave rested, invigorated and empowered…

…and then I wake up, discover the house is trashed, I just made coffee for my countertop, the kids are fighting and the dog did a Nasty on the floor.

Reality can be a cold, hard place sometimes.

 My Mom-Alone-Time Dream Shopping Scenario



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  1. Ha ha! What an awesome and relatable article! I think we’ve all had a similar dream! Mine includes full body massage and champagne and chocolate after the shopping! Ha ha!

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