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Story Scraps: Sara Sherman from Discovery Horse

It was almost 2 years ago that I have the chance to interview Sara Sherman from Discovery Horse and her family as part of a Featured Family Cover Story for Lakes Area Living Magazine in 2016! Here’s the super-cool info/tidbits/details that didn’t make it into the story (A.k.a-the Story Scraps)

Discovery HorseCover Photo courtesy of Studio North Photography

First, who IS Sara Sherman?

In a quiet country setting just south of Brainerd, there is a very special family with a passion for helping others be the best they can be with the help of some four-legged coaches. Sara Sherman and Matt Schwab are the proud owners of Discovery Horse; a successful business that ventures into the world of Equine Assisted Life Coaching. Discovery Horse’s main objective is to foster the dynamic relationship between horse and human; a unique relationship where healing and self-discovery can begin. (January issue of Lakes Area Living Magazine)

Discovery Horsephotography by Studio North Photography

Sara believes it is her calling in life to help the Horse, help people; to show them their stories and mirror their souls. To help others understand that it is our thoughts, and attachment to those thoughts, which dictate the way we experience our lives. Sara’s life experience has taught her that the only true certainty in life, outside of death, is how we CHOOSE to experience this life, on this planet. Horses help us see those thoughts and stories by their very sentient nature. Sara feels blessed to literally be ‘living the dream’ and hopes to help others do the same.

Sara is a graduate of the internationally recognized Equine Gestalt Coaching Method™ developed by Melisa Pearce.

Twelve years later Discovery Horse is re-born in Minnesota and launching full force into the world of Equine Experiential Human Discovery. Discovery Horse’s main objective is to foster the dynamic relationship between Horse and Human. It is through this unique relationship that healing can begin and self discovery and evolution can expand.

“People think it may be a little unorthodox to use horses as a form of coaching, mentoring, team building or therapy, but we know otherwise!” Sara added. “Horses teach people about trust and trust is a foundational value in a healthy relationship. Horses don’t let people ‘fake’ trust either; they demand the real thing. Horses also teach how to be present and grounded in the moment. I know that when I am not present, I am all wrapped up in my head and I become unaware of what’s around me. If a horse is unaware of what is around them, their lives are in danger. As a coach, horses assist me in not getting too focused on a goal or agenda I might have for ‘our’ client. Instead horses are constantly reminding me to watch their clues, stay in the moment and stick with the process.”

When not offering coaching and support in an innovative way, Sara, her life partner, Matt and the couple’s son Oliver simply enjoy being together and doing things that all families do; laugh, love, explore and play.

“We are so blessed as a family to be able to do what we love for a living,” Sara confirmed. “One of the best parts of my job, other than being able to work with horses, is being able to teach people to treasure their ‘inner awesome.’ That inner awesome is the light, the warmth, the part of you that you already know, or the part that you just can’t seem to find. Regardless of where you are in relation to your own ‘inner awesome,’ all of us at Discovery Horse (including the horses!) believe that it’s there and it can lead you to the life that you deserve and desire.”

To read the January issue of Lakes Area Living Magazine 2016, download it HERE.


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