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If Wishes Were Fishes, I’d Have A Pond Full

I remember when my kids were little, and the evening skies were clear, I’d encourage them to make a wish on a star.

It was always cute to listen to their innocent and whimsical wishes. My daughter was the wildcard; you never knew what she would wish for. Pet unicorns and the ability to bounce on clouds were a few of her more creative ones.

My son, on the other hand, was predictable and 99.9% of his was “I wish for a dog.

Wouldn’t it be cool if it was really that simple?

I think as Mommy’s, we all have huge hopes, dreams, ambitions, and desires…but not always enough energy to get our butts up outta bed in the morning. The desire is there. The drive? Not-so-much. So we wish for what we need to get through another day. Or we wish for things that would make our children’s world a better place….because that’s how moms operate. We want the best for everyone even if it means sacrificing ourselves. I remember expressing wishes to my grandmother when I was a youngster. She smiled with the wisdom that only Grandma’s have and exclaimed, ” Oh my! If wishes were fishes, you’d have a pond full!”

So right now, I would like to reach into my “pond” and shares my “wishes fishes.” You might share a few of these with me.

If Wishes Were Fishes, I’d Have A Pond Full

1. I wish they’d invent the machine or device for rapists, wife beaters, and pedophiles that would re-program them and stop their destructive ways. Or send them to an island by themselves.

2. I wish they made an oven that flushes so I don’t have to clean mine anymore. (who am I kidding, I NEVER clean my oven anyway)

3. I wish I could spend days-on-end learning, reading, researching, writing, creating, blogging, teaching, dreaming and sharing…with an occasional nap thrown in. DAYS I’m telling you..days.

4. I wish I had the time to take my knowledge of eBaying, frugality, organizing, selling, parenting, blogging, & social media and spin it into something that I could use to share and teach, all while making enough $$$ to support my family.

5. I wish my butt wasn’t two-ax-handles wide. I’d settle for one-ax-handle-wide at this point because I have a lovely wardrobe that I visit often, but can’t wear. How’s that for raw-n-real?

6. I wish there was no such thing as child neglect and abuse. Do these people not know of what a precious gift they have in a child?

7. I wish I had the superpower of being invisible, so I could kick the crap out of said child abusers and neglecters….and not get arrested for it.

8. I wish someone would come to my house RIGHT NOW, and massage my neck, rid me of my migraine, and rub my feet for good measure…..all for free.

9..I wish I knew of a way I could speak in front of large groups of people…without nearly soiling myself from nervousness.

10. I wish babies/kids DID come with an instruction manual. Or at least a complimentary month with Super Nanny. Then I would not have to use the phrase “Epic Parent Fail” quite so often.
11. I wish summer would last forever.

12. I wish chocolate had no calories, sugar or carbs because I’d give my right arm for honkin’ piece of Dove Dark Chocolate right now. #DietingSucks

13. I wish we could walk in each other’s shoes for real and really know what people go through on a daily basis.

14. I wish people would realize we are more alike than we are different and just be nicer to each other.

15. I wish my kids did not have to worry about things like chemical weapons, sexual harassment, war, bullying, cancer, poverty, and crime. It all just sucks. But it’s all part of life, unfortunately.

So what do YOU wish for?

P.S. My son’s wish DID come true in 2012 🙂


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