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Feeling Frazzled? Try a Social Media Slow DOWN

Social media seems to change faster and faster every year. Let me correct that; every WEEK.

What was once “the-uber-best-hot strategy” can be viewed as “so last year” in just a few months. The learning curve with social media can be steep, and some folks feel as if keeping up with trends, strategies, and changes are darn near a full-time job.

Several years ago the battle cry was “get out into social media! You can’t afford to not be on social media!”  Facebook bloomed. Everyone scuttled over to it. Pinterest evolved. Everyone raced to get on the bandwagon. Google+ was introduced and instantly books hit the market touting it as the best thing since sliced bread. LinkedIn was like the wise old man of the bunch and it blossomed as well. And let us not forget Twitter and the art of conversing and promoting in 140 characters or less.

Remember the big hoopla over Periscope? Is that even a “thing” anymore?

P.s., Pinterest is my BFF, by-the-way. Connect with me.

I have worked with or talked to too many creatives and small businesses who truly know they need to be on social media to grow their biz, but the thought of trying to master and maintain so many different channels and options sends them straight into overload and analysis paralysis.

I am going to introduce the idea of removing your virtual running shoes and shifting your strategy to a Social Media Slow Down.  Want to know what THAT is?

Not trying to be everything to everyone or be in all places at the same time. How’s that for an epic trend?

Ironically, social media guru Guy Kawasaki said it best “The key to social media is to use the right tool for the job.”

So here’s your task. Look at all the social media platforms you are connected with, or what to be connected with.


That’s it, two. Don’t pour over stats or what industry mags are telling you is the Hot Platform of the Moment. Pick the three that work for your business. Like Guy says “pick the right tool for the job.” In a nutshell, put on your small business owner hat and think, “Which social media platforms are my idea clients hanging out at?” If you have a very visual business like crafts or are an author, you can creatively leverage Instagram and Pinterest.

If your ideal client is white-collar workers, execs or CEOs, LinkedIn needs to be one of your two. If you offer a service that would appeal to other moms, women or parents, consider digging deeper into Instagram and Pinterest.

Once you’ve isolated your 2, commit to 10 minutes a day to work these 2 to the best of your ability.

Not sure what to post?  Be sure and practice the It’s Not “All About Me” method.  Nothing will turn potential customers and followers off faster than a constant barrage of YOUR sale, YOUR deals, YOUR accomplishments.  Take the time to participate in social media discussions, but also advise your virtual assistant to share relevant articles from other sources. Practice the 80/20 rule of sharing 80% of curated content from relevant sources and 20% of your own information.

Got it? GOOD. Now focus on those three and Rock.It.

P.s My three are FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest. Connect with me there!

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One More Thing…Your “Must Read Book” for this month is…

The Ostrich and Other Lost Things by Beth Hautala

      Eleven-year-old Olivia Grant has a knack for finding lost things. But there’s one thing she can’t seem to find: her brother Jacob’s toy ostrich. And this isn’t just any toy; Jacob is autistic, and Olivia is certain that when he lost his ostrich, his autism got significantly worse.

     With Their parents focused on helping Jacob, Olivia has had to give up a lot. So, when a local community theater announces auditions for a children’s production of her favorite show, Peter Pan, Olivia jumps at the chance to claim something for herself. But nothing goes as planned, on stage or off, and when a real, live, ostrich escapes from the nearby zoo and causes even more trouble than Jacob’s missing toy, things turn to chaos. Olivia knows that if she can just find Jacob’s ostrich, everything will return to normal. But what does normal really mean? And is everything lost meant to be found?

     I think this book also touched my heart because I have a nephew, Nick, who is autistic. In the story, Beth portrayed Jacob in such an accurate and respectful way and my heart went out to Olivia as s she struggled with torn between loving her brother but being a little embarrassed by him too. It’s a tough spot to be in and I know that struggle because I watched in the eyes of Nick’s other brother when the two were still youngsters. BUT, love always perseveres and I know that Nick’s brother, Chris, (just like young Olivia) would do anything for his brother.
Bottom line, I highly encourage readers, parents, and teachers to grab this book. It is truly a winner.

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  1. Great ideas! Social Media can be totally overwhelming! I’m just trying to focus on Pinterest for now and I’m going to add one more in at a time when I feel ready.

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