A #SacredTravel book that captured my heart | Pilgrimage: A Modern Day Seeker’s Guide

A few years ago, the book, The Wander Society, really caught my attention. I think it spoke to my inner need to be free to roam. But even though this book really spoke to me, my inner Rational Mom kicked in and berated me for being silly enough to think I could randomly, pack up, leave and “wander” on a whim.

But as I age, my kids get older and more independent and I am now closer to my retirement years, I am seeing the exploring, discovering and traveling can be just as rewarding when it’s purposeful and planned. I’ve also had the pleasure to become friends with Evans Bowen; a fabulous Tennessean who has really “walked her talk” when it comes to purposeful and sacred travel. Evans has been everywhere…ok, maybe not everywhere…but darn close. I was even lucky enough to run her blog, The Perpetual Pilgrim, for her in 2014 when she walked the 500 miles of the Camino to Santiago, Spain.

This woman is amazing. She is also an author now and I was lucky enough to be part of her journey as an author.

Evans’ book, Pilgrimage: A Modern Day Seeker’s Guide, is more than a book about travel. It’s a 100 pages of pearls of wisdom from a very wise traveler, mother, and seeker.

About Evans

Evans Bowen is the creator of The Perpetual Pilgrim, a travel blog inspired by her life of sacred travel. Always a traveler, Evans has been to all 50 states, Peru, Egypt, Jordan, Europe, Thailand, Taiwan, and Cambodia. In 2014 she walked the 500 miles of the Camino to Santiago, Spain with her 20-year-old daughter, Alexandra. This 40-day pilgrimage inspired this book. Evans has a BA in Education from the University of Tennessee and is currently working on an MA in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. When not visiting sacred sites, she lives a quiet life in an old farmhouse in rural east Tennessee with her husband, two cats, and lots of books.

What to Expect with  Pilgrimage: A Modern Day Seeker’s Guide: 

Evans Bowen’s voice is clear and comforting as she encourages spiritual travelers to engage in mindful journeying before their first footfall on the path. Then she takes us into the heart of the journal of 40 transformative days with her deep questions to lead us toward soulful integration. I highly recommend this work for even the most seasoned traveler. ~ Normandi Ellis award-winning author of Awakening Osiris

A tradition of all religions, Pilgrimage is a journey to sacred sites as an act of devotion and dedication. It is time to expand the definition of Pilgrimage to inform modern life. Taking time to visit a place near home or around the globe, to open the mind and heart to the Divine, brings healing and new meaning to life. Pilgrimage is both an external journey to a place longed for and an internal journey to the center of our most authentic self.

Each part of the journey, from the first desire to visit a holy place, to the return home to integrate the experience, becomes the pilgrimage to expand our world, both body, and soul. Combining practical steps for the physical journey and 40 days of inspiration for the spirit, this guidebook gives this time-honored journey to the Divine to inform the whole person in our increasingly fragmented world.

“A pilgrimage creates a sacred space where your physical body and heart can meet and meld into one. As the sacred space opens more light shines in and new vistas, ideas, languages, and experiences bring you to a new place in your life you could never imagine before.”~Evans Bowen.

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