e-Learning Links and Resources for those thrown into Homeschooling by #COVID19

Please don’t get me wrong…I am NOT sharing this to toot my own horn or “rub it in.”

I’ve been homeschooling my highly-anxious teen daughter for almost a year now and it is #1 on my 2019 Victories List.

Our school was not “bad”…quite the opposite in fact. But the noise, chaos, pressure, drama, and crowds were a case study in emotional overload for my already highly sensitive 14-year old. I resisted homeschooling for years because I didn’t think I was smart or patient enough to teach her. But when I finally made the decision that homeschool was the best for her and started hardcore researching, I was blown away at the options and possibilities.

I already had the time since I work from home as a project manager and virtual assistant, so that wasn’t my worry. The worry was the actual schoolwork. Long-story-short, we made the decision to pull her from public school and have never looked back.  After much research and the advice and wisdom on a local Facebook Homeschooling Group, we settled on PowerHomeschool.org ($25/month) and Kahn Academy for math.

Since the beginning, we’ve added other things on our own like art and language and a healthy dose of what I call Life Skills (how to pump gas, use a checkbook, handle money, make an appointment, etc.).

Fast forward to March of 2020 and the world is in a situation that none of us have ever seen before. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is shutting down entire countries and U.S. schools are beginning to close as a means of prevention. I don’t need to repeat what the media and government are saying about this ferocious virus that has brought countries like China and Italy to a standstill. I don’t need to repeat the fears and skepticism of the general public either–if you want a sample, visit Facebook and spend about 5 minutes reading.

What is also unique is that families are now thrown into being homeschoolers with no warning and no research. Luckily, the new options to keep kids learning for free (or low cost) are exploding thanks to authors, publishers, literacy non-profits, organizations, online schools, and libraries.

Our family even has discovered some new and fun programs to try to make things a bit more interesting!

Homeschooling Links and Resources

STEM SPARK: Inspiring Kids in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math 

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Children’s Literature: Free Resources for Distance Learning

More Resources for Parents Facing School Closures from WittyHoots.com


Advice from experts and home-schoolers on what do with your children if their schools are closed.


100+ FREE Websites to Help You Learn at Home While Schools Are Closed (or Homeschool for the Rest of the Year!)


A Great Art Resource from Author Jarett Lerner!



Multicultural Children’s Book Day has always worked very hard to support teachers with free resources, free classroom kits and free diverse books, but now we want to give YOU a way to help them as well! In 2017, MCBD published its first-ever ebook filled with multicultural book resources and recommendations.

Read Your World: A Guide to Multicultural Children’s Books for Parents and Educators is a “Best Of” list of diversity books lists for children contributed by 20 bloggers and 2 authors. Available on Amazon or read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

**Do YOU know of any great homeschool/eLearning sites, links, or resources? Please share in the comments below…I want to keep adding to this list!

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