Why I am Grateful to Work Home More than Ever

“I’m scared” a co-worker at my side-hustle job shared. The fear in her eyes backed up the words coming from her lips. This particular person was someone that I occasionally saw in passing during my few short hours every week as a morning stocker, but I rarely conversed with her.

“I’m scared,” she repeated. “All of this hype around the Coronavirus is starting to freak me out.” Her lip quivered briefly. “I worry that I won’t have this job anymore because customers will be too scared to leave their homes. I need this job!”

I wanted to murmur reassuring things to her, but I honestly couldn’t. The truth was (and still is) that I was scared too. So I simply nodded in agreement and moved away to finish my tasks.

Why my Gratitude for Working from Home has Tripled

As of 3/18/20, Minnesota (the whole U.S. for that matter) is indeed facing some uncertain times. I don’t need to repeat what the media and government are saying about this ferocious virus that has brought countries like China and Italy to a standstill. I don’t need to repeat the fears and skepticism of the general public either–if you want a sample, visit Facebook and spend about 5 minutes reading.

But amidst it all…all of the tp hoarding, ranting about not enough COVID-19 testing options, and fears that schools will close (or not close), I can honestly say I have never been more grateful to be able to run a business from home and make a living on my own terms.

As I mentioned above, I do have a side-hustle/traditional job that supplements my income (it pays my car payment and the Verizon bill). But if that side hustle job went away tomorrow, I know I would still be OK because I have other income options.

That is a comforting thing.

I know not everyone has the option of working from home and supporting a family…but they could. Imagine what it could be like if your full-time job became your “side hustle job.” Imagine what it would be like to NOT have to fly into panic mode because your child is sick or school has been canceled.

I know I’m lucky.

Obviously building a client base that provides steady income is not an over-night thing. It’s taken me years of many hills and valleys, lost…then gained clients, and a butt-load of hard work to reach the point of “somewhat security” that I have now. I never let my guard down. I never get too cocky about my financial situation. I never let myself get complacent. I never, never stop prospecting for new clients even though I am barely keeping up now.

And I love every second of it.

So as many of you are facing lay-offs, job loss, or even the unfamiliar turf of telecommuting from home, just know that I got ‘chu.

I see you. I hear you. And your feelings and concerns are valid.

Working from home, or even business ownership, right now is a tricky, scary, a delicate dance with a thin margin for error…but you can do this. We all can. I am living proof.

If taking the full plunge into self-employment isn’t your jam, then consider starting TODAY to build a “side hustle.”

One such way to add extra money to coffers before the shopping frenzy kicks in is via something known as a “side hustle.” Entrepreneur.com describes a side hustle as, “A way to make some extra cash that allows you the flexibility to pursue what you’re most interested in. It can also be your true passion – a chance to delve into fashion, travel or whatever it is you care about the most without quitting your day job.” This also applies to bringing in extra money on the side to give your budget some breathing room.

These income-producing activities can be done online or off, and are simple ways to utilize the time and skills that you already have.

Everyone has skills/expertise/knowledge that someone in the world is willing to pay them for. And now, especially now when the world is reeling from COVID-19, that knowledge can be leveraged into extra $$ to keep your life afloat.

So for today, consider…just consider…what you could do as a side hustle. And then, implement.

Do hesitate to leave a comment if you need some guidance or ideas. You can also download my free Virtual Assistant’s Starter Kit here.

You got this!

More Resources to Help You Along Your Side Hustle Journey


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