Sunday Sanity Check

Happy Sunday! I am sitting here happily slurping my coffee, watching the sun come up and listening to our oldest giggle in his sleep. How sweet is that? This upcoming week is a going to be yet another busy…really-REALLY-busy-why-did-I-agree-to-committ-to-so-much-STUFF-week…BUT great progress has been made thusfar. I finally had time to iron my clothes so my wardrobe magically doubled in one day. I think I finally may have our 6 year old convinced he CAN sleep alone and if he can, he will instantly gain a new friend in the form of a pet hamster (that one, I could possibly end up regretting). My hubby (bless his little pea-pickin-heart) made some progress in the sorting, shifting, and processing of his parents estate (both died within two months of each other in the last 4 months). Wouldn’t wish that task on my worst enemy. But all-in-all, it was great weekend with more laughter than tears.
Work, well..I am feeling confident that is will be better this week. I mentioned Feng Shui in my previous post and I honestly think I may give my office a quick, fresh, Feng Shui makeover. If you haven’t checked out Vikki’s website:, give it a quick peek. Click on Bagua Life Areas on the right side. The whole shapes, colors, and elements chart is really pretty fastinating. I’d love to put a red dragon by my computer (right side, facing the door) but all I have is my son’s toy dragon from is his extensive castle/knights/OMGwheredidallthesetoyscomefrom collection. Wonder if that counts? The added benefit would be, if I get stressed, I could pinch his butt and make his wings flap. Talk about stress management!
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4 thoughts on “Sunday Sanity Check

  1. Dropping by from sits. Wishing you a fun week.

    Sock Monkey Hugs

  2. Visiting from SITS! Love your blog! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday and a great week.

  3. lol…I loved this post…I need to feung shui my life for sure…and your little stress toy…priceless…where can I get me one of them….happy Sunday…and sharing the SITS love

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