Nikki Sixx at the Lumberyard

I saw Nikki Sixx at the lumberyard…in my dream actually.
I have been on a roll lately with all sorts of strange-slightly-creepy-kinda-amusing dreams. The last two nights have been the worst/best as far as far-out, vivid dreams. The night before last I dreamt I went to the lumberyard (not sure why) and Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue was working.
I don’t remember much after that, but two day later I still remember that he looked pretty hot in his leather pants.
Last night I dreamt I was approached by one of my customers (from my day job) who was now a casting agent. She wanted me to be in her new movie (ookkkay…..) because she needed to cast a middle-aged-fat-gal. (ummm….??). I remember in my dream saying “Sure” like I was comfortable with my fat-self (which I am not) “but I can’t act” (which I can’t). She assured me she would teach me…. and then I woke up. Damn. I am curious what she was planning to pay my chubby-non-acting behind.
Now I know I’ve read somewhere that your dreams are indications of things in your real life, but I am honestly not sure what significance an aging, heavy metal guitarist and plywood has with my current pretty-ok life. Any thoughts? And on top of it all… I am exhausted today. Like I haven’t slept at all. Maybe it was all those long hours on my imaginary movie set making gobs of money and hanging with Nikki Sixx and his imaginary leather pants. Maybe tonight I will be wrestling bears for money and or slummin with Oprah. A Mommy can dream………….
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6 thoughts on “Nikki Sixx at the Lumberyard

  1. What makes this extra weird is that anyone that knows me know I am so NOT Nikki Sixx OR lumberyards!!

  2. Ok, this is awesome. And so random. And so right up my alley I can’t believe I just stumbled upon it.

    Aging hair band dude? Check.
    Leather pants? Check
    Chubby middle-aged heroine? Check
    That feeling that dreams have gotta mean something? Check

    Are we the same person?

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